Music Diary – 29th July

Welcome to another page in my music diary – today for the 29th July!

In 1993, when I was still a HUGE Jethro Tull fan (well, as Bob Dylan already knew – „The Times They Are a-Changin’“) I added two nice items to my collection:
Beside the maxi vinyl single of „This is not Love“, which was originally released two years before, I also bought the wonderful picture disc of „Rock Island“ from 1989 and which is a limited edition. What a beauty – look:


Cheers and have a nice day!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 28th July

Hello to my music diary for the 28th July!

Back in 2005 I attended a great Calexico show in Vienna at the Arena. The open air gig was started by singer Amos Lee and after that Joey Burns, John Convertino and the rest of the fantastic band gave us a performance which suited perfectly to the weather: WONDERFUL!

Setlist and some reviews you find here (just scroll down to 28/07):


Alex Melomane


Hey Musicmaniacs all around the world!

I did some updates for the section „Concerts – July“ and uploaded tons of pictures (especially for the entries of Tom Waits and Woven Hand) – check them out:

Cheers and spread the word!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 27th July

Hello again to another entry in my music diary – today for the 27th July!

Back in 1996 I attended a show of the Belgian indie heroes dEUS in Salzburg at the Rockhouse. „Hotellounge (Be The Death Of Me)“ was at that time one of my favorite songs and although I hardly remember the show I do know that the band from Antwerpen played that track 😉

BildCheers and have a nice day!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 26th July

Hello, dear Music Maniacs all around the world to my music diary for the 26th July!

After seeing Mr. Tom Waits live in Paris twice in a row in 2008, a third concert followed directly. So I arrived in Munich for Woven Hand. David Eugene Edwards and his band were billed for a show at the club Ampere that day.


A full review can you read here (just scroll down to the mentioned date):

Pictures of the show will follow shortly – so stay tuned again 😉


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 25th July

Welcome to my Music Diary for the 25th July!

You know, there are outstanding artists or bands who are legends and many people want to see them at least once live performing in their life time. This man is without any doubt a member of this very special club – Mr. Tom Waits!

I do know that I’m a lucky bastard because I saw him performing in Paris twice in a row! So on the 25th July 2008 it was his second show at the wonderful place Le Grand Rex.


Read my reviews of both shows here:

Pictures of these outstanding concerts will follow shortly – so stay tuned as always 😉


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 24th July

Hello again to my Music Diary – today for the 24th July!

Back in 1999 I attended one of the loudest concerts I have ever been. You might think that I’m talking about Motörhead – nope! I am talking about Mr. James Newell „Jim“ Osterberg who is better known as Iggy Pop! He and his band played in Munich at the Colosseum and from the beginning to the end this show was LOUDER than just loud! Full volume that I was fearing to go deaf! And the sound was just miserable – you couldn’t hear any nuances! I recognised „The Passenger“ only because the intro was played on one guitar. And when the rest of the band joined, the melodies were just gone and the song completely killed! The ringing in my ears after the show endured for appr. three days! But luckily it passed away.



Alex Melomane