Denver Broncos UK – Live at OpenAir

Denver Broncos UK (feat. Munly Munly, Slim Cessna, Lord Dwight Pentacost, Rebecca Vera) returned to OpenAir and the CPR Performance Studio on December 15, 2014.

Set List:
„Broncos Fight Song“
„I Hide and Seeked the Funnel“
„In San Francisco Bay“
„Three Bloodhounds – Two Shepherds – One Fila Brasileiro“




Slim Cessna’s Auto Club live in Europe!!!!!

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is touring Europe in January/February 2014!

The dates:

WED 22 … Lucerna Music Bar … Praha, CZ
THU 23 … Desi … Nurnberg, D
FRI 24 … Rang Teng Teng … Freiburg, D
SAT 25 … JZ Crailsheim … Crailsheim, D
SUN 26 … Feierwerk … Munchen, D
MON 27 … Arena … Wien, A
WED 29 … Druckluft … Oberhausen, D
THU 30 … Trix … Antwerpen, B
FRI 31 … DB’s … Utrecht, NL

SAT 01 … Goldmark’s … Stuttgart, D
SUN 02 … Taptab … Schaffhausen, CH
MON 03 … Secret Place … Montpellier, F
TUE 04 … Sidecar … Barcelona, E
WED 05 … El Sol … Madrid, E
THU 06 … Wah Wah … Valencia, E
FRI 07 … Escenario … Santander, E
SAT 08 … Fever Club … Bilbao, E

See you there!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 16th November

Welcome back to another entry in my personal Music Diary – today for the 16th November!

In 2006 Woven Hand played an amazing show in Salzburg at the ARGE. David Eugene Edwards, Ordy Garrision, Pascal Humbert and Peter van Laerhoven performed most songs from the releases „Mosaic“ and „Consider the Birds„. The concert was closed with the breathtaking and heavy „Your Russia“ – the video of this song, the setlist and pictures you can find here (just scroll down to the date 16/11)!

Woven Hand – Salzburg (ARGE)(16.11.2006) © Alex MelomaneCheers,

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 14th November

Welcome to my personal Music Diary – today for the 14th November!

This day is a very special one for me, because it was the beginning of an addiction to a very special sound – the so-called Denver sound! On the 14th November 1996 I received my copy of the fantastic debut album from the amazing group Sixteen Horsepower! I came across this band by the sampler „Rolling Stone Presents New Voices – Vol. 8“ which was edited with the German music magazine. On this CD the song „Haw“ hooked me immediately and so I ordered the album „Sackcloth’n’Ashes“ from a mail-order in Bremen.

The band line up at that time was David Eugene Edwards, Keven Soll and Jean-Yves Tola. As a special guest Gordon Gano from the Violent Femmes played violin on some tracks during the recording sessions back in 1995.

Unfortunately it took a long time to see this outstanding band live for the first time – but it happened in September 2002. After the show David was so nice to sign my cover of the US release 😉

Cover "Sackcloth'n'Ashes" signed by David Eugene EdwardsFor the songs „Black Soul Choir“ and „Haw“ two amazing videos were produced – watch them here:


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 3rd November

Welcome to another entry in my personal music diary – today for the 3rd November!

Back in 1995, when I was still a huge Jethro Tull fan (yes, I outed myself RIGHT NOW!) I received the first solo album from long-time guitar player Martin Barre called „A Trick of Memory„. I was very curious about this one, because it was the very first time to hear Mr. Barre singing! Well, it turned out quite well 😉

In 2009 I auctioned a very rare collector via ebay from the Denver record shop „Twist and Shout„. The promo package of Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots! This one comes in a brown paper back with some nice additions (picture, promo facts printed out on used paper!) and features the following six songs: „Song Rebecca calls,’That Birdcage Song‘, which never was though now Kind of is because of her Influence…„, „Big Black Bull comes like a Caesar„, „Old Service Road„, „Goose walking over my Grave„, „Of Silas Fauntleroys Willingness to influence the Panel“ and „River Forktine Tippecanoe„.

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots - Promo Package © Alex Melomane

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots – Promo Package © Alex Melomane

Well, this album is one of my all time favorites. If you don’t know this one do yourself a favor and listen to these outstanding songs!

And in 2010 I added another fine album by The Builders And The Butchers (another outstanding band!) to my collection: „Dead Reckoning“ is another masterpiece after the self-titled debut and „Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well„.


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 7th September

Welcome back to my personal music diary!

On this day back in 2005 I received my vinyl copy of the Woven Hand masterpiece „Consider the Birds“! Directly imported from the USA via Burnt Toast Vinyl I was happy to have this one in my collection. Unfortunatey the first edition, which came in a wonderful blue coloured vinyl, was sold out that time. But thanks to ebay – I added this collector just one year later to my collection 😉

On „Consider the Birds“ you find Woven Hand classics like „The Speaking Hands„, „Tin Finger“ or „Down in yon Forest„, which was played on the tour for that album in a superoverlong version which endured appr. 15 minutes!



Alex Melomane


Hey Musicmaniacs all around the world!

I did some updates for the section „Concerts – July“ and uploaded tons of pictures (especially for the entries of Tom Waits and Woven Hand) – check them out:

Cheers and spread the word!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 9th July

Welcome again to my never ending Music Diary!

Today, on the 9th July 2010, it was the first time that I cross the Austrian border to Slovakia. One day after an awesome Woven Hand show in Vienna we headed to the Pohoda Festival in Trencin. Holy cow – the weather was unbelievable hot and the band was scheduled for 2 p.m.! Very ridiculous – but anyway: Woven Hand performed very tight, heavy, loud and intense.


Setlist, review and picutures you can see here (please scroll down to the mentioned date – 09/07):

Cheers and avoid mainstream radio 😉

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 3rd July

Welcome again to another entry in my music diary!

Today, on the 3rd July 2012, Wovenhand performed louder and harder as ever. David Eugene Edwards has also changed the line up when he introduced us his brandnew songs from the upcoming release „The Laughing Stalk“ in Vienna that night. The performance was like the weather outside – a thunderstorm!

See videos, pictures, reviews and the setlist of this breathtaking performance here (scroll down to 03/07):


Alex Melomane