Music Diary – 30th August

Welcome back to my personal Music Diary – today for the 30th August!

Woven Hand - Mosaic (Signed by David Eugene Edwards)

Woven Hand – Mosaic (Signed by David Eugene Edwards)

In 2009 I received three Woven Hand items for my collection:
From Sounds Familyre Records, which distributes some of the Woven Hand back catalogue in the United States, I got the US edtions of „Mosaic“ on CD and Vinyl and the album „Blush Music“.

Now you may ask: Why do you also collect foreign editions from Woven Hand? Aren’t they just the same? Well, yes and no. As a crazy music maniac I collect almost anything from my favorite bands – therefore all different versions of their releases. So the US editions of „Blush Music“ and „Mosaic“ on CD are really the same, apart from the better printing of the booklet. And to get a copy of the „Mosaic“ on Vinyl you had to order it from Sounds Familyre – that’s it 😉

Buy your copies here (Europe/Germany):

  Woven Hand - Blush MusicWoven Hand - Mosaic

Buy your copies here (USA):

  Woven Hand - Blush MusicWoven Hand - Mosaic



Music Diary – 22nd July

Welcome again to my music diary – today for the 22nd July!

In 2003 I attended a very special show: The Belgian dance company Ultima Vez performed „Blush“ which featured the music of Woven Hand in Vienna at the Volkstheater. It was very interesting to see the interaction between the modern dancers and the band playing live on the same stage.


Reviews, setlist and pictures you can find here:

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Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 20th July

Hello again to my Music Diary – today for the 20th July!

In 2003 I had my third live experience with Woven Hand – this time in Vienna at the club called Flex!


Check out my review (with setlist of course!) here:

Cheers & enjoy the summer 😉

Alex Melomane

Another update – „Concerts (February)“

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I’ve finished the updates in the section „Concerts (February)“:

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