Music Diary – 30th October

Welcome again to my personal Music Diary – today for the 30th October!

Back in 2002 Mr. Nick Cave played a special solo show feat. Warren Ellis, Jim White and Norman Watt-Roy in Vienna at the wonderful Burgtheater. It was obvious that this “band” didn’t play a long time together – I do think it was the very first time that they performed officialy. The soundcheck was VERY long so the show started one hour late. This performance was part of the 10th anniversary of the “schule für dichtung“, a school for poetry in Vienna for which Nick Cave did some lectures.

Setlist, pictures and reviews from different newspapers can be seen here (just scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Nick Cave - Vienna (Burgtheater)(30.10.2002) Flyer Back © Alex Melomane



Music Diary – 25th October

Welcome back to my personal Music Diary – today for the 25th October!

Back in 2006 Transmissionary Six played a very cosy and intimate concert in the very small Austrian village called Vöcklamarkt. To the location called Premysl, which is just a tiny bar in the middle of nowhere, only a few people found the way there.

Anyway – the three piece band feat. Terri Moeller and Paul Austin from The Walkabouts and Jon Hyde on Pedal Steel Guitar did a wonderful performance. Most of the songs were from the current album called „Radar„.

Terri Moeller (Transmissionary Six)

Terri Moeller (Transmissionary Six)

After the show Terri was so kind and signed my whole Walkabouts and T6 collection – thanks again!

More pictures of the show can you see here – just scroll down on the mentioned date (25th October).

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 24th October

Welcome to another entry in my personal Music Diary, today for the 24th October!

Back in the year 2000 I had my first live experience with an outstanding band from Finland: Apocalyptica! The quartet played a sold out and breathtaking show in Munich at the Muffathalle. You weren’t there but you would love to see this? No problem at all because this concert was filmed and released on DVD called “Apocalyptica Live” which features mostly songs from the masterpiece “Cult“.

P.S.: A few months before that show I did an interview with Eicca Toppinen at the music fair in Cologne (see the picture below) – you can watch the video here (just scroll down a little bit)!

Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica)  with Alex Melomane (Cologne - 2000)

Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica) with Alex Melomane (Cologne – 2000)

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 23rd October

Welcome back to my personal Music Diary – today for the 23rd October!

Back in 2002 I bought some nice stuff for my music collection:

On vinyl I bought „Black Light“ from Calexico and „Murder Ballads“ from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

And on CD I added the masterpiece „Low Estate“ from Sixteen Horsepower to my collection.

16 Horsepower - Low Estate

16 Horsepower – Low Estate


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 22nd October

Welcome to my personal Music Diary!

Today, on the 22nd October 2003, the amazing Walkabouts played a show in Vienna at the Szene. Larry Barrett did a wonderful support that night and after the show Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson were so kind to sign some CD covers and the poster below – thanks again!

Signed by Carla Torgerson


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 19th October

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 19th October!

Back in 2012 a real legend stopped for a gig in Ebensee at the Kino: Mr. Mick Harvey!

For me he was the backbone of The Bad Seeds and you can hear that something is missing when NIck Cave performs and records nowadays.

Anyway – Mick Harvey solo albums are just brilliant and so I was very looking forward to see him solo performing. The show was billed as “Mick Harvey Trio” but due to a knee injury Thomas Wydler (drums) has cancelled the whole tour. So the line up was Mick Harvey (Vocals, Guitar) and Rosie Westbrook (Double Bass, Cello, Backing Vocals).

Mick Harvey -  Ebensee (Kino) (19.10.2012) © Alex Melomane

Mick Harvey – Ebensee (Kino) (19.10.2012) © Alex Melomane

After the wonderful concert Mick Harvey was so nice to sign some covers 😉

Pictures and the setlist you can find here – just scroll down to the mentioned date, 19/10/2012:


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 18th October

Welcome back to my personal Music Diary!

Today, on the 18th October back in 2005, I took the train to Bonn to see Woven Hand and Helldorado at the Harmonie. The performances were filmed for German TV and broadcasted later for the „Rockpalast“ series.

You have missed this? Really? Shame on you! But hey – you are a lucky bastard because you can watch the performances on the internet!

Just go to my site „Concerts (October)“ and scroll down for the mentioned date. Then catch yourself a beer and start the show – enjoy 😉



Woven Hand - Bonn (Harmonie)(18.10.2005)

Woven Hand – Bonn (Harmonie)(18.10.2005)