Music Diary – 19th October

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 19th October!

Back in 2012 a real legend stopped for a gig in Ebensee at the Kino: Mr. Mick Harvey!

For me he was the backbone of The Bad Seeds and you can hear that something is missing when NIck Cave performs and records nowadays.

Anyway – Mick Harvey solo albums are just brilliant and so I was very looking forward to see him solo performing. The show was billed as “Mick Harvey Trio” but due to a knee injury Thomas Wydler (drums) has cancelled the whole tour. So the line up was Mick Harvey (Vocals, Guitar) and Rosie Westbrook (Double Bass, Cello, Backing Vocals).

Mick Harvey -  Ebensee (Kino) (19.10.2012) © Alex Melomane

Mick Harvey – Ebensee (Kino) (19.10.2012) © Alex Melomane

After the wonderful concert Mick Harvey was so nice to sign some covers 😉

Pictures and the setlist you can find here – just scroll down to the mentioned date, 19/10/2012:


Alex Melomane


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