Music Diary – 1st March

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 1st March!


On the 1st March 1994, Nirvana played their last concert. Kurt Cobain and his band performed in Munich at Terminal Eins. And there were some power difficulties during the show – so the Grunge rockers had to restart „Come as you are“ after a two minute break.

The setlist of this historic show:

My Best Friend’s Girl (Cars Cover)
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Drain You
Serve The Servants
Come As You Are
In Bloom
About A Girl
Pennyroyal Tea
Very Ape
Lounge Act
Rape Me
Territorial Pissings
The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie Cover)
All Apologies
On A Plain
Heart-Shaped Box

You can relisten to this show here:


Three days later, Kurt’s wife Courtney Love, found Cobain unconscious in their hotel suite. The singer and guitarist had reacted to a combination of Rohynol and alcohol and so the rest of the tour has to be canceled. On the 8th April 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead. He comitted suicide by shooting himself. The body had been lying there for days – the coroner’s report said, that Kurt’s died on 5th April 1994. He was only 27 years old.

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Music Diary – 14th August

Welcome to my personal music diary – today for the 14th August!

On this day in the year 2005 I attended one of the best live shows ever:
WOVEN HAND played in Vienna at the small club B72. It was one of the most intense live experience in my whole life.

And in 2009 another Denver based band had my attention: Devotchka played in Munich at the Ampere a wonderful set.

Woven Hand_Devotchka © Alex Melomane

Woven Hand_Devotchka © Alex Melomane

Pictures and setlists of the mentioned shows you can find here (just scroll down to the date 14/08).

Music Diary – 7th November

Welcome to my personal music diary – today for the 7th November!

Back in 1999 my long time favorite band Jethro Tull stopped during the „“ tour in Munich at the Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle. Beside brand new songs like “Spiral”, “Hunt by Numbers” or “AWOL” Ian Anderson and his band surprised us with some nice tunes like “Jeffrey goes to Leicester Square”, “Hunting Girl” and a special performance with Leslie Mandoki (“Back to Budapest”).

Jethro Tull – Munich (Rudi Sedlmayer Halle)(07.11.1999) Ticket © Alex Melomane

Jethro Tull – Munich (Rudi Sedlmayer Halle)(07.11.1999) Ticket © Alex Melomane

The support was by The Mark Gillespie Band and I can remember that the Tull members Jonathan Noyce and Andrew Giddings joined for some songs on stage.


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 24th October

Welcome to another entry in my personal Music Diary, today for the 24th October!

Back in the year 2000 I had my first live experience with an outstanding band from Finland: Apocalyptica! The quartet played a sold out and breathtaking show in Munich at the Muffathalle. You weren’t there but you would love to see this? No problem at all because this concert was filmed and released on DVD called “Apocalyptica Live” which features mostly songs from the masterpiece “Cult“.

P.S.: A few months before that show I did an interview with Eicca Toppinen at the music fair in Cologne (see the picture below) – you can watch the video here (just scroll down a little bit)!

Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica)  with Alex Melomane (Cologne - 2000)

Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica) with Alex Melomane (Cologne – 2000)

Alex Melomane


Hey Musicmaniacs all around the world!

I did some updates for the section „Concerts – July“ and uploaded tons of pictures (especially for the entries of Tom Waits and Woven Hand) – check them out:

Cheers and spread the word!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 26th July

Hello, dear Music Maniacs all around the world to my music diary for the 26th July!

After seeing Mr. Tom Waits live in Paris twice in a row in 2008, a third concert followed directly. So I arrived in Munich for Woven Hand. David Eugene Edwards and his band were billed for a show at the club Ampere that day.


A full review can you read here (just scroll down to the mentioned date):

Pictures of the show will follow shortly – so stay tuned again 😉


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 24th July

Hello again to my Music Diary – today for the 24th July!

Back in 1999 I attended one of the loudest concerts I have ever been. You might think that I’m talking about Motörhead – nope! I am talking about Mr. James Newell „Jim“ Osterberg who is better known as Iggy Pop! He and his band played in Munich at the Colosseum and from the beginning to the end this show was LOUDER than just loud! Full volume that I was fearing to go deaf! And the sound was just miserable – you couldn’t hear any nuances! I recognised „The Passenger“ only because the intro was played on one guitar. And when the rest of the band joined, the melodies were just gone and the song completely killed! The ringing in my ears after the show endured for appr. three days! But luckily it passed away.



Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 15th July

Welcome again to my Music Diary!

On the 15th July 2000 I was invited to see the master of the harp live in concert: Andreas Vollenweider and his band performed in Munich at the Tollwood Festival and he filled the air with a beautiful mixture of Jazz, Classic and World Music.

BildMore information about this show you can find here (just scroll down to 15/07):


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 6th July

Welcome back my friends, to the music diary that never ends!

On the 6th July 2000 I received a CD-Single for writing a review. It was „Safe in New York City“ by AC/DC taken from the awesome release „Stiff Upper Lip“. Beside the title track it also features a live version of „Back in Black“ and the unreleased song „Cyberspace“ which I heard with full volume over and over again while I was writing my review. And I will never forget the face of my boss that time who wanted to speak with me but I didn’t hear him while headbanging at my office place 😉

BildAnd as you maybe already know I have seen the band a year later in Munich (14th June 2001) at the Olympiastadium for the very first time.

Talking about concerts:
On the same day as the „Safe in New York City“ single hit my desktop I attended a wonderful performance at the Tollwood festival in Munich: Jan Garbarek filled the huge tent there with his magic playing.

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 27th June

Welcome back to another entry in my personal music diary!

Today is a very special day for me because on the 27th June 2001 I did an interview with one of my favorite musicians: Mr. Martin Lancelot Barre who played the guitar for Jethro Tull from the early beginning back in January 1969 until 31st July 2011. We met before the gig in Munich at the Tollwood area. You can watch the video here:

After the interview Tull performed in typically way – very professional and solid. A good chosen setlist which featured all classics and also some rarities like „Love Story„. And as me and my video man (thanks Tom!) got backstage passes we found us after the show with the band and some other press people behind the stage 😉

The complete setlist and a review of the show can you find here (just scroll down to 27/06/):

Another gig of that day was on the 27th June 2004 and it took place at the Donauinselfest (a free annual festival) in Vienna. There I got my first live experience with the Norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra, which was just breathtaking. No wonder that Tom Waits is also a fan of this outstanding band. A short review you also find on the mentioned link 😉