Music Diary – 24th July

Hello again to my Music Diary – today for the 24th July!

Back in 1999 I attended one of the loudest concerts I have ever been. You might think that I’m talking about Motörhead – nope! I am talking about Mr. James Newell „Jim“ Osterberg who is better known as Iggy Pop! He and his band played in Munich at the Colosseum and from the beginning to the end this show was LOUDER than just loud! Full volume that I was fearing to go deaf! And the sound was just miserable – you couldn’t hear any nuances! I recognised „The Passenger“ only because the intro was played on one guitar. And when the rest of the band joined, the melodies were just gone and the song completely killed! The ringing in my ears after the show endured for appr. three days! But luckily it passed away.



Alex Melomane


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