Music Diary – 17th June

Hey Musicmaniacs!

Today, on the 17th June, I attended not one show! Can you believe this???? So when I don’t attend concerts, what am I used to do? Right – buying music! And so I did back in 1999 when I got the release of „Sam“ from the one and only Calvin Russell (* 1. November 1948 in Austin, Texas; † 3. April 2011). Check it out here:

And another remarkable thing happened on the 17th June: Mr. Eric Reed Boucher who is well better known as Jello Biafra was born back in 1958! So happy bday, Jello!!!!!

(c) Gary Isaacs


Next update – „Concerts April“!!

Dear musiclovers!Here’s another update on my homepage – now the section „Concerts (April)“ is finished:

Enjoy & spread the word!

Alex Melomane
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