Concerts (October)

FM Belfast – Salzburg (Rockhouse)
Support: Berndsen

FM Belfast – Salzburg (Rockhouse)(02.10.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane


MARIA MENA – Vienna (Szene)

Maria Mena – Vienna (Szene)(03.10.2007) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THE HIDDEN CAMERAS – Salzburg (Rockhouse)
Support: Jekyl & Hyde Park Band

Hidden Cameras – Salzburg (Rockhouse)(04.10.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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Sir Oliver Mally’s Blues Distillery – Life Is Precious

Sir Oliver Mally’s Blues Distillery – Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan Cover)

Sir Oliver Mally’s Blues Distillery – Champagne & Reefer (Muddy Waters Cover)


BLUES PILLS – Vienna (Arena)
Support: The Arkanes & The Vintage Caravan

Blues Pills - Vienna (Arena)(06.10.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane


JETHRO TULL – Munich (Olympiahalle)

Jethro Tull – Munich (Olympiahalle)(06.10.1989) Ticket © Alex MelomaneI won’t forget this day, because it was my very first Jethro Tull live experience! When I was 9 years old I became a fan and so this concert is still very special to me. Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, Dave Pegg, Martin Allcock and Doane Perry were on the „Rock Island“ world tour and stopped in Munich, Olympiahalle. Awesome performance!!!!



What a bill: Calexico, Vic Chesnutt and Lambchop played that day in Vienna at the Szene! Unfortunately no pictures or videos of that night are on the internet, but in my memories this evening will stay there forever 😉

Calexico played most songs from their latest release „Black Light„.

Vic Chesnutt (November 12, 1964 – December 25, 2009) introduced us his album „The Salesman & Bernadette„.

And Lambchop performed their wonderful mixture of Slow Country and Soul on „What Another Man Spills„.


THE DEAD BROTHERS – Ebensee (Kino)

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The Dead Brothers stopped in Ebensee at the Kino to play a show – very interesting performance!


ERIC GALES TRIO – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)

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More pictures of that show are here – thanks to Eva Pührer!

The signed Setlist:

Eric Gales Trio – Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)(14.10.2013) Setlist © Alex Melomane

ERIC GALES TRIO – Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix Cover)



For this show I travelled to the village called Hartberg in Styria to see Chris Eckman (Walkabouts, Chris & Carla) performing with The Last Side Of The Mountain Band at the Schloss Hartberg (Rittersaal) to perform some songs of the album of the same name. He also played some Walkabouts classics and Neil Young’s „Cortez the Killer“. Before the show I did a very interesting interview with Chris for the Austrian independent radio station B138. You can stream/download this interview totally for free here!

The performance was amazing and after the show we had some fun backstage 😉

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The Setlist:
Healing Waters
Grand Theft Auto
Down, Down
Who will light your Path?
The Same
Slow Red Dawn
Crime Story
Black Field
The Stopping-Off Place
Raise them Hands
Rock’n’Roll (Velvet Underground Cover)
Cortez The Killer (Neil Young Cover)
Ghostrider (Suicide Cover)

Thanks to Claus Schützenhöfer, Gernot Höfler, Gert Kragol and everybody of the Kulturverein Backwood in Hartberg – you do an amazing job!!!!!!



As a huge Woven Hand fan it was obvious that I will do the trip to Bonn because this performance was filmed for the series of „Rockpalast“ at the Harmonie. And as a bonus the amazing band Helldorado from Norway did the support on that night. The shows were simply outstanding and luckily they broadcasted the recorded gigs on German television.

You have missed this? Really? Shame on you! But hey – you are a lucky bastard because you can watch the performances on internet!

Helldorado – you can stream the broadcasting here!

Woven Hand – you can stream the full broadcasting including interview snippets here!


20th Birthday Party feat. Friska Vijor & FM Belfast – Salzburg (Rockhouse)

20th Birthday Party – Salzburg (Rockhouse)(19.10.2013) Ticket © Alex MelomanePictures of 20th Birthday Party can be seen here – thanks to Hanna Hofstätter!


MICK HARVEY – Ebensee (Kino)

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It was billed as “Mick Harvey Trio” but due to a knee injury Thomas Wydler (drums) has cancelled the whole tour. So the line up was Mick Harvey (Vocals, Guitar) and Rosie Westbrook (Double Bass, Cello, Backing Vocals)

The Setlist:
First St. Blues
October Boy
The Ballad of Jay Givens
The Bells never rang
Frankie T. & Frankie C.
Slow Motion Movie Star
Mother of Earth (Gun Club Cover)
Two Paintings
Glorius (PJ Harvey Cover)
Famous last Words
Home is far from here (Crime & The City Solution Cover)
That’s all, Paul
Sonny Boy
Out of Time Man
Hank Williams said it best
The River


MARK LANEGAN feat. Duke Garwood – Linz (Posthof)
Support by Lyenn

Mark Lanegan feat. Duke Garwood – Linz (Posthof)(20.10.2013) Ticket © Alex Melomane

Pictures and the setlist are here!


LAMBCHOP – Ebensee (Kino)

Kurt Wagner with his Nashville band Lambchop played in Ebensee again! Very breathtaking and beautiful performance at the Kino! Most songs were from the current album at that time called „OH – Ohio„.

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This is the Setlist from the Graz show (22nd October 2008), which was almost the same, I do guess:

Slipped dissolved and loosed
You’re a big Girl now
National Talk like a Pirate Day
Close up
Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King Jr.
I’m thinking of a Number (Between 1 and 2)
A Hold of you
Of Raymond
Please rise
I believe in you
Give it
Let’s go Bowling
The Man who loved Beer
Your sucking funny Day
All Smiles and Mariachi
Autumn’s Vicar
Soaky in the Pooper
Up with People
Chelsea Hotel #2 (Leonard Cohen Cover)


HELMET – Salzburg (Rockhouse)

Helmet - Salzburg (Rockhouse)(22.10.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THE WALKABOUTS – Vienna (Szene)

The Walkabouts (Support Larry Barrett) live in Vienna, Szene. It was the „Shimmers“ tour which features very rare songs from the whole backcatalogue. After the show Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson were so kind to sign some CD covers and the poster below 😉

Walkabouts - Vienna (Szene)(22.10.2003) Signed Poster © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

APOCALYPTICA – Munich (Muffathalle)

Apocalyptica from Finland rocked the Muffathalle in Munich. This show was filmed for a DVD release called „Apocalyptica Live“ which features mostly songs from the masterpiece „Cult„.

P.S.: A few months before that show I did an interview with Eicca Toppinen at the music fair in Cologne – you can watch the video here (just scroll down a little bit)!


TRANSMISSIONARY SIX – Vöcklamarkt (Premysl)

Transmissoinary Six (feat. Terri Moeller from The Walkabouts and Paul Austin) played at the very small Austrian village called Vöcklamarkt. It was a very familiar performance at the Premysl because only a few people found the way to this bar. After the show Terri was so kind and signed my whole Walkabouts and T6 collection – thanks 😉

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WILL WILDE – Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)
Support: Aynsley Lister

Aynsley Lister - Salzburg (Rockhouse - Bar)(27.10.2014) Setlist © Alex Melomane

Setlist – Aynsley Lister

Will Wilde - Salzburg (Rockhouse - Bar)(27.10.2014) Setlist © Alex Melomane

Setlist – Will Wilde


JETHRO TULL – Munich (Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle)

Jethro Tull stopped in Munich (Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle) druing their „Roots To Branches“ tour. My personal highlight was the opening „A“ medley feat. the songs „And Further On“, „Fylingdale Flyer“ and „Protect and Survive“ as an instrumental. Unfortunately we sat far away from the stage but nevertheless it was a fantastic performance.

The Setlist:
„A“ Medley (And Further On/Fylingdale Flyer/Protect And Survive)
Roots to Branches
Rare and Precious Chain
Out of the Noise
In the Grip of stronger Stuff
At last, forever
Dangerous Veils
Nothing is easy
Beside myself
In the Moneylender’s Temple
My God
Fat Man
Wounded, old and treacherous
Locomotive Breath
Jump Start
The Dambusters March
Thick As A Brick (Reprise)


JOE COCKER – Vienna (Stadthalle)

Joe Cocker in Vienna, Stadthalle. Yes, I was there, but to be honest: Just because a friend of mine wanted to be there. So I joined and it was not that bad at all! Especially the female background singers were awesome 😉 I do think this show was part of the „One Sight Of Sin“ tour …


DEEP PURPLE – Wels (Jubiläumshalle)

Deep Purple in Wels (Jubiläumshalle) with new songs from „The Battle Rages On“ on the setlist. One of the last concerts with Ritchie Blackmore on guitar. It was very sad to see that Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore avoided each other. On the 17th November Ritchie left the band.



The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band live in Vienna at the Porgy & Bess. Awesome perfomence – this band KICKS ASS!!!!! They performed almost any song of their masterpice called „The Wages„.

Before the show I did an interview for the Austrian independent radio statin B138 – stream/download it here!

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NICK CAVE – Vienna (Burgtheater)

Nick Cave (solo show feat. Warren Ellis, Jim White and Norman Watt-Roy) live in Vienna at the wonderful Burgtheater. It was obvious that this „band“ didn’t play a long time together – I do think it was the very first time that they performed officialy. The soundcheck was VERY long so the show started one hour late. This performance was part of the 10th anniversary of the „schule für dichtung„, a school for poetry in Vienna for which Nick Cave did some lectures.


The Mercy Seat
Sad Waters
Into my Arms
God is in the House
There is a Kingdom
Darker with the Day
Gates to the Garden
West Country Girl
So far from me
Little Janey’s gone
The Ship Song
People ain’t no good
As I sat sadly by her Side
Do you love me? (Part 2)
Jack the Ripper

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More information about this very special concert are here! And pictures can be found here!



Concerts (September)

WOLFSTONE – Hallein (Folk Festival)

In Hallein, a small town near to Salzburg, was the so called „Folk Festival“. Headliner was Wolfstone from Scotland. An amazing Folk-Rock-Band! Here’s the song „Ballavanich“ from their masterpiece album „Year Of The Dog“ (1994).

Wolfstone – Hallein (Folkfestival)(04.09.1994) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

16 HORSEPOWER – Vienna (Flex)

On this day I had my very first David Eugene Edwards live experience: He played with 16 Horsepower in Vienna at the club called Flex. Unfortunately me and my friends were not that close to the stage, but as we stand directly near the soundboard – so the sound was perfect! Amazing performance of the band feat. Pascal Humbert, Jean-Yves Tola, Daniel McMahon and John Rumley. And more DEE live shows should follow over the years 😉 The support act was Convay Savage from The Bad Seeds – he played solo (vocals, keyboards). You can see some footage of that tour on the official DVD release „16 HP„. This was the tour to promote the wonderful album „Folklore“ in Europe.

16 Horsepower – Vienna (Flex)(05.09.2002) Ticket © Alex Melomane16 Horsepower – Vienna (Flex)(05.09.2002) Flyer © Alex Melomane 16 Horsepower – Vienna (Flex)(05.09.2002) Flyer © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SIVERT HÖYEM – Munich (Ampere)

Sivert Höyem - Munich 2014


THE DELTA SAINTS – Kufstein (Kulturfabrik – Bar)

Delta Saints - Kufstein (Kulturfabrik)(14.09.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane



Sister Double Happiness with the fantastic singer Gary Floyd performed in Salzburg at the ARGE. It was part of the „Horsey Water“ tour through Europe. Unfortunately there are almost no videos or pictures around, but this one will give you a taste – „Sweet Talker“ live from 1994 – enjoy!


THE SMASHING PUMPKINS – Munich (Olympiahalle)

Nice show, but I didn’t become a huge fan of this band. And the album which was released at that time called „Machina – The Machines of God“ was not really my cup of tea at all 😉

The Smashing Pumpkins – Munich (Olympiahalle)(24.09.2000) Ticket © Alex Melomane


CRUCIFIED BARBARA – Kufstein (Kulturfabrik)
Support: Junkstars and Supercharged

Crucified Barbara - Kufstein (Kulturfabrik)/25.09.2014) Setlist © Alex Melomane  Crucified Barbara - Kufstein (Kulturfabrik)/25.09.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane


PEARL JAM – Vienna (Stadthalle)
Support by Tarantula AD

Pearl Jam played on that day in Vienna (Stadthalle). The performance was awesome as always and it proved again that this band is one of the best live acts! „Pearl Jam“ was the current album that time.

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The Setlist:

Life wasted
World Wide Suicide
Elderly Woman behind the Counter in a small Town
Severed Hand
God’s Dice
I got ID
State of Love and Trust
Why go
Last Kiss
Inside Job
Off he goes
Do the Evolution
Even flow
Spin the Black Circle
Fuckin’ up (Neil Young Cover)
Yellow Ledbetter/Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix Cover)


KAIZERS ORCHESTRA – Salzburg (Rockhouse)
Support by Geoff Berner

Kaizers Orchestra from Norway played that day in Salzburg at the Rockhouse. If you like Tom Waits this band is a MUST! You won’t trust your ears and eyes when you see this group live performing! They are really out of this world! So if you have the possibility to attend a show of Kaizers Orchestra – GO!

Kaizers Orchestra – Salzburg (Rockhouse)(27.09.2005) Ticket © Alex Melomane


WOVENHAND – Paris (Le Trabendo)
Support by Narco Terror

Wovenhand played at Le Trabendo in Paris! It was the second time I saw this awesome band with the new Line-Up which featured beside mastermind David Eugene Edwards and Ordy Garrison Mr. Edward French on guitar and Greg Garcia Jr. on bass. With the brandnew album „The Laughing Stalk“ it was obvious that a new and HEAVY chapter in the history of Wovenhand has begun. HOKA!

The Setlist:
Glistening Black
In the Temple
Long Horn
Sinking Hands
Kingdom of Ice
The Speaking Hands
A Holy Measure
His Rest
King O King
Kicking Bird
As Wool

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Some awesome shots of this show are here!

WOVENHAND – Sinking Hands:

WOVEN HAND – The Speaking Hands:


WOVENHAND – Kicking Bird:




The “Chelsea” is a typically punk rock club, which is located under the Vienna tube line U6. So, if it’s silent enough, you can hear the wagons when they are gliding over your heads. In the club there are two rooms – one for the barflies, who can also watch football on the big screens and the second one for the concerts. Very small and intimate – so is also the stage! It was obvious, that “Steve Wynn & The Dragon Brigde Orchestra feat. Chris Eckman” (like it was written on the tickets) have to watch their steps. But finally, all five musicians found their place.

Before Steve Wynn started the concert, Chris Eckman from the amazing Walkabouts opened the show with a wonderful acoustic set, which featured songs from his brandnew album “The Last Side Of The Mountain”. And this one is completely dedicated to the work of the Slovenian poet Dane Zajc. Chris Eckman wrote English language songs of Zajc’s poems. And this turned out really brilliant! I was really speechless, when he played his new songs “Down down”, “Hours”, “Stranger”, “Ransom” and “Eyes”. The last track of his set was “Healing Waters of the Flood”, which is on his solo album “The Black Field” from 2004. Apart from an idiot, who was yelling “Passion, man!” after the song “Eyes”, I do think everybody enjoyed the performance. A loud “Shut up!” followed shortly after this stupid call and someone excused this person with “This is his only sentence in English!”. So Chris answered politely with a grin: “So maybe he has to learn another one.” After this wonderful show it was clear, that I have to buy Chris Eckman’s new album “The Last Side Of The Mountain” at the merchandising stand.

The Setlist:
Down down
Healing Waters of the Flood

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Then, after approximately 15 minutes, Steve Wynn and his band entered the stage. He welcomed us friendly and in an obvious very good mood: “Good to see you all! Thank you for coming out at the election night. Another election nights in the states, you know, I stay at home and get drunk or something like that.” “We need some comfort!”, was the answer and Steve laughed and said: “Okay, we do our best!” And of course they did!

The beautiful “Slovenian Rhapsody I” opened the show (Steve on guitar and vocals and Rodrigo D’Erasmo on violin), which featured almost all songs of the current release “Crossing Dragon Bridge”, recorded in Slovenia and produced by Chris Eckman. Then drummer Linda Pitmon lead into the next song “Bring the Magic” and also the rest of the band joined: Eric van Loo on the bass, Chris Cacavas on keyboards and Chris Eckman on the second guitar. Although it was at least the second concert for this new band constellation, the sound was really amazing and you can feel and see, that they were in an excellent mood. Also the audience (approximately between 70 and 80 people found finally the way into the room) was perfect for this night. “Manhattan Fault Line” came next. Also a new song which Steve played already, when he toured Europe in February 2008. “God doesn’t like it” followed, in which the band started to rock a little bit more. Before starting with an old one (from Steve’s first solo release “Kerosene Man” 1990) he joked:

“Man, it’s all the Gospel songs today, I don’t know what’s up! The Dragon Bridge Gospel Choir today”. Then the surprise “Here on Earth as well” with the wonderful violin sound gave me the creeps. Another classic ensured, that this feeling continued – “Tears won’t help” also from Steve’s solo debut. A short band introduction followed, before the beautiful “The Deep End” filled the room. With “This one’s for Gene Hackman” Steve introduced the new “I don’t deserve this” – without any doubt another highlight of the show. Then he changed the guitar and some acoustic songs followed. “This is another song of the ‘Crossing Dragon Bridge’. On the record it’s just me and the acoustic guitar and this eight string violin section from Prague. Tonight Rodrigo will play the part of all eight violins at one time”, Steve told us witty as always and the amazing “Punching Holes in the Sky” gave me the creeps again. While Rodrigo and Steve played the song, the rest of the band made a break. Linda fetched her a glass of wine, Chris smoked a cigarette, while Chris Eckman and Eric sat down on the right corner of the stage and drank some beer. “That’s why I’m all so dressed up”, explained Steve after the song. “If you’ve got a violin, you got to be dressed up”, said the sharped dressed man in the suit with tie! With “She came” Steve, Rodrigo and Chris Cacavas played a song written by the Slovenian musician Tomas Pengov. Then the full band joined for “My Midnight” from the album of the same name. It was obvious again, that the audience was happy to hear another classic of Steve’s career. “Love me anyway”, another new one included an excellent duel with guitars, proved one more time, that this new band have found completely together. Chris Cacavas lead on the Keyboard to a trip in the musical past: The Dream Syndicate classic from 1982 “That’s what you always say” hit me with full force. And this time again, the violin playing of Rodrigo D’Erasmo fit perfectly! And Steve sang the line “’cause ever since that time I told you it’s so. Something gets my mind, and I don’t let go” with full intensity and emotion. And the history lesson about Steve’s famous band went on: “The Medicine Show”, in which the audience joined Steve’s singing. For the wonderful “Slovenian Rhapsody II” Linda came from behind to the edge of the stage and played on a drum. Chris Cacavas on the accordion, the rest of the band and also the audience sang along. “You all were wonderful, take care and good night” said Steve, before leaving the stage for the first time. After a short encore break Mr. Wynn and Rodrigo came back for an outstanding version of the Dream Syndicate evergreen “Boston”. Linda Pitmon climbed back to her drums and joined for the last two minutes on percussion. I was really speechless and my eyes became wet – I never heard such a beautiful version of this amazing song! After a small discussion (Linda looked questioning to Steve) the new “Wait until you get to know me” showed again a band in an excellent mood, which had a lot of fun on the stage. For this track, Rodrigo also played pizzicato on his violin. “Carolyn” transferred my thoughts back into the year 1990 and with “405” a personal favorite came next. Unfortunately the sound was all of sudden very noisy and I can’t hear Steve’s voice anymore that was always clean at this night. Anyway – I was in Heaven by hearing this rarity (very heavy with a lot of feedbacks!) live! As I looked on Steve’s setlist I saw “Anthem” listed as the last song, but he changed his mind! “Amphetamine” was THE PERFECT close for this awesome show. The audience went nuts and cried, cheered, clapped, danced and sang while the band rocked with full force. After the last tone was played I found myself happy, thankful and full of sweat at the “Chelsea”.

The Setlist:
Slovenian Rhapsody I
Bring the Magic
Manhattan Fault Line
God doesn’t like it
Here on Earth as well
Tears won’t help
The Deep End
I don’t deserve this
Punching Holes in the Sky
She came
My Midnight
Love me anyway
That’s what you always say
The Medicine Show
Slovenian Rhapsody II
Wait until you get to know me

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On this day I saw two amazing shows in a row! First, Chris Eckman (Walkabouts, Chris & Carla), who opened with a wonderful solo performance. He played mostly songs from his latest release „The Last Side Of The Mountain„. Then Steve Wynn & The Dragon Bridge Orchestra (feat. Chris Eckman on Guitar and Backing Vocals) entered the stage of the Chelsea in Vienna. A fantastic night of awesome music!


WOVENHAND – Charleroi (L’Eden)
Support by The Flying Horseman

Wovenhand live in Charleroi (L’Eden) – very nice theater with an excellent sound. But I have to admit that it was too loud at some point 😉

The Setlist:
Glistening Black
In the Temple
Long Horn
Sinking Hands
Kingdom of Ice
The Speaking Hands
A Holy Measure
His Rest
King O King
Kicking Bird
As Wool

Wovenhand – Charleroi (L’Eden)(28.09.2012) Ticket © Alex Melomane


GREG KOCH TRIO – Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)
Greg Koch Trio - Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)(29.09.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WOVENHAND – Rouen (Le 106)

The Setlist:
Glistening Black
In the Temple
Long Horn
Sinking Hands
Kingdom of Ice
The Speaking Hands
A Holy Measure
His Rest
King O King
Kicking Bird
As Wool

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Wovenhand finished their tour in Rouen (Le 106). Before the show David Eugene Edwards did an radio interview – you can listen to it here! The show was a Tour de Force – full of energy and very loud – when you closed your eyes during the encore („Kicking Bird“ and „As Wool„) you thought that you are attending a Heavy Metal concert 😉

Wovenhand – Rouen (Le 106)(29.09.2012) Ticket © Alex MelomaneYou can watch almost the whole concert here (song by song) – enjoy!