Music Diary – 3rd November

Welcome to another entry in my personal music diary – today for the 3rd November!

Back in 1995, when I was still a huge Jethro Tull fan (yes, I outed myself RIGHT NOW!) I received the first solo album from long-time guitar player Martin Barre called „A Trick of Memory„. I was very curious about this one, because it was the very first time to hear Mr. Barre singing! Well, it turned out quite well 😉

In 2009 I auctioned a very rare collector via ebay from the Denver record shop „Twist and Shout„. The promo package of Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots! This one comes in a brown paper back with some nice additions (picture, promo facts printed out on used paper!) and features the following six songs: „Song Rebecca calls,’That Birdcage Song‘, which never was though now Kind of is because of her Influence…„, „Big Black Bull comes like a Caesar„, „Old Service Road„, „Goose walking over my Grave„, „Of Silas Fauntleroys Willingness to influence the Panel“ and „River Forktine Tippecanoe„.

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots - Promo Package © Alex Melomane

Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots – Promo Package © Alex Melomane

Well, this album is one of my all time favorites. If you don’t know this one do yourself a favor and listen to these outstanding songs!

And in 2010 I added another fine album by The Builders And The Butchers (another outstanding band!) to my collection: „Dead Reckoning“ is another masterpiece after the self-titled debut and „Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well„.


Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 13th July

Hey Musiclovers all around the world – welcome to my music diary again!

Today back in 2011 I received a very nice and special release from Murder By Death: This awesome band from Bloomington (Indiana) started a split vinyl single project for which they invite a group or musician who covers a Murder By Death song – and vice versa. In this case The Builders And The Butchers recorded the tracks „Ball and Chain“ and „Until Morale improves the Beatings will continue“. In reverse, Adam Turla, Sarah Balliet, Matt Armstrong,  Dagan Thogerson and Scott Brackett recorded their versions of „In the Branches“ and „Down this Hole“.

BildThe singles of this fine project are very limited editions of 1.000 copies worldwide. Before this release Murder By Death did the same with William Elliott Whitmore, O’Death, Amanda Palmer (from The Dresden Dolls) and Sam Lowry. More information about the 7 series you can find here:


Alex Melomane