Music Diary – 16th July

Welcome you again to my Music Diary!

In 2012 on th 16th July I got a CD of a very interesting German band called Schleuse. It was an EP with the title „Bestir“ and it featured the four songs „Bestir the Machine“, „Quixotic“, „Lion Scream“ and „No longer ours“. This fresh mixture of Folk, Rock, Indie and Pop hooked me immediately.

BildOne year later Schleuse released the full album debut „Knowledge about the Jaybird“. You can read my review (Achtung – it’s in German!) here:–knowledge-about-the-jaybird-a144287


Alex Melomane


Music Diary – 12th June

Hey People!

On this day I attended three outstanding shows:

In 2007 I enjoyed Pearl Jam in Munich (Olympiahalle), in 2009 I headbanged to AC/DC in Paris (Stade de France) and in 2011 I witnessed Slim Cessna’s Auto Club shredding the Desi in Nuremberg.

Pictures, videos and reviews you can see on my page „Concerts June“:

Just scroll down to the mentioned date 😉


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SCHLEUSE – Knowledge About The Jaybird


Here’s my German review of „Knowledge About The Jaybird“ by the fantastic band Schleuse from Nuremberg:–knowledge-about-the-jaybird-a144287


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