Music Diary – 30th August

Welcome back to my personal Music Diary – today for the 30th August!

Woven Hand - Mosaic (Signed by David Eugene Edwards)

Woven Hand – Mosaic (Signed by David Eugene Edwards)

In 2009 I received three Woven Hand items for my collection:
From Sounds Familyre Records, which distributes some of the Woven Hand back catalogue in the United States, I got the US edtions of „Mosaic“ on CD and Vinyl and the album „Blush Music“.

Now you may ask: Why do you also collect foreign editions from Woven Hand? Aren’t they just the same? Well, yes and no. As a crazy music maniac I collect almost anything from my favorite bands – therefore all different versions of their releases. So the US editions of „Blush Music“ and „Mosaic“ on CD are really the same, apart from the better printing of the booklet. And to get a copy of the „Mosaic“ on Vinyl you had to order it from Sounds Familyre – that’s it 😉

Buy your copies here (Europe/Germany):

  Woven Hand - Blush MusicWoven Hand - Mosaic

Buy your copies here (USA):

  Woven Hand - Blush MusicWoven Hand - Mosaic



Music Diary – 16th November

Welcome back to another entry in my personal Music Diary – today for the 16th November!

In 2006 Woven Hand played an amazing show in Salzburg at the ARGE. David Eugene Edwards, Ordy Garrision, Pascal Humbert and Peter van Laerhoven performed most songs from the releases „Mosaic“ and „Consider the Birds„. The concert was closed with the breathtaking and heavy „Your Russia“ – the video of this song, the setlist and pictures you can find here (just scroll down to the date 16/11)!

Woven Hand – Salzburg (ARGE)(16.11.2006) © Alex MelomaneCheers,

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 11th July

Hey you & thanks for clicking by again!

Today’s music diary entry features Woven Hand again: On the 11th July 2006 me and my friend took the train to Budapest to see David Eugene Edwards, Pascal Humbert, Peter van Laerhoven and Ordy Garrison performing on a boat called A38! Comparing the gig to the Vienna one that took place just a day before, this show was much better! More intense, energy and the new line up with Pascal on bass obviously worked superiorily.


More pictures, a review and the setlist which featured two more songs (the 16 Horsepower classics „Black Soul Choir“ and „Outlaw Song„) you can find here (just scroll down to the mentioned dat 11/07):

Cheers and have a nice day 😉

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 10th July

Another page in my music diary – and another Woven Hand concert:

On the 10th July 2006 David Eugene Edwards, Peter van Laerhoven, Pascal Humbert and Ordy Garrison performed in Vienna at the Szene and introduced us to the latest release „Mosaic„. And it was the first time that I saw the former 16 Horsepower bass man live again! My expectations were very high because the last three shows I attended in 2005 (Salzburg, Vienna and Bonn) were breathtaking and still fresh in my memory. This time the show was not that intense and I do think that it was because of the new line up. So I was quite sure that they will get along on stage better and better with the time – and this is what happened 😉


Pictures (by Kurt Rohrauer – thanks Kurt!), a review and the setlist you find here (scroll down to 10/07):

Other shows that day were also:
Lambchop in Ebensee (2009) and Dirtmusic with Tamikrest (Kino Ebensee) back in 2010! Pictures, reviews and setlists of these shows can also be found here!

Alex Melomane

Music Diary – 20th June

Dear Musicfans!

Today, on the 20th June, I didn’t attend any concert, but I bought myself one of my all time favorite albums as it happened on the 20th June 2006:

Mosaic“ by Woven Hand (or Wovenhand – it’s up to you as DEE told me in an interview) was released and as a huge fan of David Eugene Edwards (and 16 Horsepower of course!) I was very looking forward to this one.

It features beautiful and intense songs like „Winter Shaker„, „Swedish Purse„, „Dirty Blue“ or „Deerskin Doll“ which developed over the years to the highlights of any Wovenhand show.


Alex Melomane