Concerts (April)

THE DANDY WARHOLS – Salzburg (Rockhouse)
Support: Jigsaw Beggars (AT)

The Dandy Warhols - Salzburg (Rockhouse)(02.04.2015)


KING KING – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)

King King – Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)(07.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

THE ROLLING STONE ROADSHOW – Munich (Georg-Elser-Halle)

The Lightning Seeds
Andreas Johnson

Well, to be honest, I hardly remember this night and I got there because of having a free ticket 😉

Ticket - Rolling Stone Roadshow (08.04.2000) © Alex Melomane


MONEYBROTHER (Anders Olof Wendin Solo) – Ebensee (Kino)


DAME – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)
Support: Train D-Lay


LAMBCHOP – Salzburg (ARGE)

This one is a real classic for me – you have to imagine this scenery: Me and my friend were sitting in my room while listening to a sampler which was part of a German issue of the „Rolling Stone“ music magazine. One of the tracks was „The Man who loved Beer“ and I said to my friend: „Well, this band is playing tonight in Salzburg.“ His answer: „Oh, really? Then we have to be there I guess!“ And a few minutes later we drove to Salzburg to see Lambchop at the ARGE. Not many people showed up and sometimes I had the feeling that more people were on the stage than in front of the band – very strange feeling. But nevertheless Kurt Wagner and his band bedazzeld us with a sort of quiet and slow country style. Not everybody was enjoying this music – I can remember one blockhead shouted something like „More Rock!“. Well, so they played at least one speedy track 😉

Another funny thing was the merchandising: They sold shirts, CDs (the actual release of that time was „How I Quit Smoking„), vinyls and – you won’t believe that – their own Lambchop cigarettes! I never saw anything like that and I talked to Kurt Wagner a few years later about that weird topic in an interview 😉


JETHRO TULL – Brighton (Dome Concert Hall)

As a friend of mine was living in the UK that time I thought about a trip to England and to visit Brighton for some sightseeing and Jethro Tull, one of my favorite band all over the years. And I was quite sure that this show will be not a normal one because it was my first chance to see my heroes live in their home country. And I was told that a special guest will appear because of the 40th anniversary of Jethro Tull.

The Dome is a beautiful place and we had some fine seats (3rd row – left) and I was very looking forward to the show. Well, what followed was the weakest performance I have seen from Mr. Ian Anderson and his band so far. I knew that he had some voice problems since the mid-eighties but that night his singing was really painful for my ears during some songs. Especially „Heavy Horses„, one of my all time Tull favorites, sounded that night really awful. Apart from that, the lightning was very annoying and I have to shelter my eyes from these pink and yellow lights which were straightened directly to our seats (as you can easily see on the pictures below).

But when special guest Dave Pegg (who was Tull’s bass player from 1980 until 1995 and is still the boss behind the UK folk rock institution Fairport Convention) entered the stage, the sorely missed Tull spirit was back again and the bumpy performance changed completely! It was so good to see him back, making some jokes and performing one of his solo songs called „Level Pegging„! He returned then for the performance of „Farm on the Freeway“ and „Locomotive Breath„. So many thanks to Mr. Dave Pegg who rescued that night 😉

But I have to admit that the concert was not that bad – for persons who saw Tull the very first time it was a wonderful show. For us die-hard fans, who saw this band so many times, it was more or less an average show.

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The Setlist:

My Sunday Feeling
Living in the Past
One for John Gee
So much Trouble
Sossity; you’re a Woman (Instrumental)/Reasons for Waiting
Serenade to a Cuckoo
We used to know/With you there to help me
A new Day Yesterday (incl. Kelpie)
For a Thousand Mothers
Dharma for One (incl. Drum Solo & Count the Chickens)
Heavy Horses
Level Pegging*
Farm on the Freeway*
Thick as a Brick
Locomotive Breath*

*: With Special Guest Dave Pegg (Bass & Mandolin)

Unfortunately the songs „Love Story„, „Song for Jeffrey„, „Up the ‚pool“ and „Witch’s Promise„, on which I was very looking forward to hear them, were dropped from the setlist ;-(


TON STEINE SCHERBEN – Salzburg (Rocknhouse)

Ton Steine Scherben – Salzburg (Rockhouse)(12.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JAN GARBAREK – Linz (Brucknerhaus)

The fist time that I saw the Norway Jazz Saxophone master Jan Garbarek. With his so called Jan Garbarek Group (Rainer Brüninghaus – Piano, Eberhard Weber – Bass, Marilyn Mazur – Percussion) he introduced us his latest release „Visible World“ at the Brucknerhaus in Linz. Wonderful performance, perfect sound and a thrilled audience made this evening very special.

Jan Garbarek - Linz (Brucknerhaus)(13.04.1997) Ticket © Alex Melomane


SIVERT HOYEM (Madrugada) – Munich (59:1)
Support by Christer Knutsen

The Norway band Madrugada was and still is one of my favorite bands. Unfortunately this amazing group is history now but the singer Sivert Hoyem is still touring and recording. And so I was hoping for some Madrugada songs on that night in Munich at the 59:1.

Just before the show I did an interview with Sivert for the Austrian radio station B138. We talked about his solo career, his latest release „Moon Landing„, about Madrugada (of course!) and the music scene in Norway in general – you can stream/download the entire interview for free here!

Christer Knutsen, who is the guitarist of Hoyem’s band, did a perfect support. And it was obvious that he enjoyed it very much 😉

Then Sivert, followed by his other members, entered the stage and opened the show with one of his new songs called „Belorado„. The performance was so awesome, the setlist perfect (as you can see listed below), the audience enthusiastic – you could feel the energy in the room. And when you looked at the smiling faces of the band you could see that they also recognised that this night was a very special one. As the last encore: Sivert did „The Cool Song„, a wonderful song written by St.Thomas, solo (he recorded this one with his guitarist Cato Salsa under the name „The Hyler Twins„). So this was the perfect last point.

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The Setlist:
High Society
What you doin’ with him
Lost at Sea
Going for Gold
The Light that falls among the Trees
Honey Bee
Into the Sea
Shadows/High Meseta
The Kids are on High Street
Arcadian Wives
Sister Sonic Blue
What’s on your Mind
Moon Landing
Don’t pass me by
The Cool Song (St. Thomas Cover)


CALEXICO – Vienna (Szene)

As far as I remember this was the beginning that Calexico become really big and famous. They played two shows in a row at the Szene in Vienna (I attended the first one on the 15th April 2003) and both concerts were sold out very fast! It was a fantastic performance and I can’t get my eyes off John Convertino’s playing – his drumming is so unique and pure! And I also thought a lot of that „problem“ during the fantastic show that Calexico is becoming bigger and bigger now. Their release at that time called „Feast Of Wire“ charted nearly everywhere! But hey, it’s okay and I do think that Joey Burns and John Convertino don’t have any problems with that 😉

The Setlist:
Gypsy’s Curse
Across the Wire
Crooked Road and the Briar
Sunken Waltz
El Picador
Deep down
Close behind
Black Heart
Dub Latina
Minas de Cobre
Güero Canelo
All the pretty little Horses
Not even Stevie Nicks
Ojitos Traidores
Alone again or
Jesus & Tequila
Cancion del Mariachi
Crystal Frontier
Attack el Robot! Attack!

Calexico - Vienna (Szene)(15.04.2003) Review Salzburger Nachrichten & Der Standard © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


A very special concert with Jan Garbarek at the wonderful Votivkirche (a church!) with the fantastic Hilliard Ensemble. Words can’t describe the sounds that floated around me (and also Jan Garbark, who walked in the church around while playing!) when was enjoying this outstanding performance in that wonderful church. Most of the music was from „Mnemosyne“ (edited by ECM Records in 1999).

Jan Garbarek & Hilliard Ensemble - Vienna (Votivkirche)(16.04.1999) Ticket © Alex Melomane


EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN – Vienna (Arena – Big Hall)

My very first live experience with the German experimental band Einstürzende Neubauten at the Vienna Arena. A place where Blixa Bargeld and his group played the first time appr. 25 years before. I have to admit that I’m not really into their earling recordings – they still sound very strange to me in some way, but I have to say, that the compositions are really very unique and special. So I’m that boring guy who prefers the latest releases – like „SIlence Is Sexy“ (2000), „Perpetuum Mobile“ (2004) or „Alles wieder offen“ (2007).

The performance was excellent and the band in a very good mood as you can see on the videos below – many thanks to Isabella Felidae who put their recorded videos on YouTube.


EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: Die Befindlichkeit des Landes


The Setlist:
Die Wellen
Nagorny Karabach
Dead Friends (Around the Corner)
Let’s Do it a Da Da
Weil Weil Weil
Tagelang Weiß
Von Wegen
Die Befindlichkeit des Landes
Ich warte
Ein leichtes leises Säuseln
Heaven is of Honey
Ich hatte ein Wort
Youme & Meyou

An example for the experimental spirit is the song „(Dave?)“: For this one every musician drew a little note, on which the instructions were. So every night sounded this song different 😉

After the show I bought myself a shirt and the recording of the show, which is unfortunately not complete, but it’s nevertheless a wonderful souvenir of that night. An idea, which was very innovative at that time 😉

Einstürzende Neubauten - Vienna (Arena)(18.04.2008) Shirt Front © Alex MelomaneEinstürzende Neubauten - Vienna (Arena)(18.04.2008) Shirt Back © Alex Melomane


HONG FAUX – Ebensee (Kino)
Support: Glory Dead


KING KING – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)

King King_Salburg_Rockhouse_Bar_20.04.2015~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GUTTER TWINS – Vienna (Szene)

The Gutter Twins (feat. Greg Dulli from The Afghan Whigs and Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees) introduced us their latest release – the masterpiece „Saturnalia„. To the sound of „The Proposition“ (yeah – the fantastic soundtrack by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis) they entered the stage of the Szene in Vienna and started the show with „The Stations„. The atmosphere was a little strange in some way, because Mr. Dulli was not really amused about people who were taking pictures and videos. And also Mr. Lanegan had his „problems“ with one fan in the front row. He pushed the micro stand two times down the stage … But apart from this it was a breathtaking performance and Greg Dulli came down for some singing in the crowd (as you can see on some pictures below).

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THE GUTTER TWINS: I was in Love with you


The Setlist:
Intro – Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: „The Proposition“
The Stations
God’s Children
All Misery/Flowers
Live with me
Seven Stories Underground
Idle Hands
Bete Noire
Down the Line
I was in Love with you
St. James Infirmary
Spanish Doors
Each to each
Front Street
Papillon/Shadow of the Season
Hit the City
King only
Methamphetamine Blues
Number Nine

Support by Ed Harcourt


MURDER BY DEATH – Munich (Atomic Cafe)

My very first Murder By Death live experience was in Munich at the Atomic Cafe – and I was very looking forward to see this band from Bloomington, Indiana. With „In Bocca Al Lupo“ the band, who took the name from the classic movie which features David Niven, Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, Alec Guinness, Truman Capote and Maggie Smith) received huge acclaims from all over the world – and also in Germany. Hence it was the release of the month in the „Visions“ magazine.

Adam Turla (guitar, vocals), Sarah Balliet (cello, keyboards), Matt Armstong (bass) and Dagan Thogerson (drums) were obvious surprised that the club was nearly sold out! So they enjoyed any second of their performance – and also the enthusiastic crowd. One of the fans did some stagedriving during the song „Brother“ – and he landed on the floor. After that Adam called him „The Death Angel“ 😉

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The Setlist:
Sometimes the Line walks you
A Masters in Reverse Psychology
Boy Decide
The Desert is on Fire
Dynamite Mine
One more Notch
The Devil in Mexico
Raw Deal
Flamenco fuckin‘ easy
(Bang Bang) My Baby shot me down (Sonny-&-Cher-Cover)
Until Morale improves, the Beatings will continue
The Big Sleep
That Crown don’t make you a Prince
Those who stayed
Steam Rising
Killbot 2000
I’m afraid of „Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf“

After the show I did some shopping at the merchandising and I also talked a little bit with the band. What a perfect night!


SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB – St. Gallen (Grabenhalle)

Do you remember the feeling when you were a child and it’s Christmas? When you are unpatiently waiting for the presents? Do you remembert? Yes? Then you have a small idea about my feelings when I was going to my very first Slim Cessna’s Auto Club concert back in 2009. I was very long hoping and crossing my fingers for an Europe tour and when I was told that this is really going to happen I decided to start a sort of mini tour for four dates in a row. So it started for me in St. Gallen (Switzerland) at the Grabenhalle.

When we arrived Slim Cessna was standing at the door of the location. So we took the chance for some talking and my friend, who joined my mini tour through Switzerland and Austria, took a picture of me and Slim. I do think you can see how happy I was at that moment, knowing that I finally see the fantastic Slim Cessna’s Auto Club from Denver, Colorado! And it was not only the band from the US I met – I also crossed the paths of three long time fans: John Dalby from Denver, Carol Kennedy from Albuquerque and Tony Kiernan from Scotland attended already some shows on that tour and they also saw the guys a few times all over the world! We had very much fun before and also after the show! And it was also a start of fantastic friendships – thanks again to the Good People 😉

While waiting on the beginning Munly showed up – and I was hooked! Seeing this outstanding musician in real life was really very special to me. Unfortunately he disappeared very fast so I had no chance to talk with him before the concert.

I have to say that I was really disappointed that not many people showed up – I do think there were appr. 40 or 50 people in the room waiting for the band. But when the Auto Club entered the stage and started with „Pine Box“ it was obvious that this band don’t care at all how many people are watching. They rocked with full force and after a few minutes I found myself headbanging, dancing, cheering, screaming and singing in front of this amazing band – the line up for the first Europe tour was:

Slim Cessna (vocals, guitar)
Jay Munly aka Munly Munly (vocals, guitar, banjo)
Lord Dwight Pentacost (double neck guitar, banjo, vocals)
John Robert Rumley (harmonium, slide guitar, keyboards)
Shane Trost (upright bass)
Greg Garcia Jr. (drums)

During „32 Mouths gone dry“ something very strange happened: Munly Munly came up in front of me and put his fingers into my mouth while singing! First, I really didn’t recognised at all, because I was so thrilled by the performance. But after a few seconds later I was thinking to myself: „Was this real?“ Anyway – I fell back into my enthusiastic behaviour and rocked with the boys like there was no tomorrow.

Speaking about strange things: During the song „Jesus is in my Body – My Body has let me down“ Munly Munly crawled under the stage so that only his boots were visible (see some pictures below)! Luckily he appeared for his singing part again, sitting and lying on the floor 😉

I took a tons of pictures and I always looked on my watch during the songs – I wished I could stop the clock and that this show will never end! Most of the tracks were taken from the current release – the masterpiece „Cipher„. After the last tune of the night „This Land is our Land Redux“ I was speechless, grinning, sweaty and the happiest man on earth 😉

For some souvenirs I bought me a shirt and a fantastic photo book of the band by the awesome photgrapher Gary Isaacs. Then I waited for the band for some signatures – Slim was so kind to sign all the covers I brought along. And also Munly Munly signed everything I gave to him – especially all his solo stuff (which is OUTSTANDING by the way!) and his book „Ten Songs With No Music“ which is hard to get nowadays. For this he took his own ballpoint and wrote something on the first page 😉

Before we left the Grabenhalle, my friend took two pictures of me with Munly and we had to say goodbye to John, Carol and Tony who returned to their homes. But our paths should cross again very soon 😉

Back at the hotel I tried to get some sleep before we were heading to Winterthur for the next show at the Kraftfeld.

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Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – St. Gallen (Grabenhalle)(23.04.2009) Poster © Alex Melomane

The Setlist:
Pine Box
32 Mouths gone dry
Jesus is in my Body: My Body has let me down
Mark of Vaccination
That fierce Cow is common sense in a Country Dress
Magalina Hagalina Boom Boom
This is how we do Things in the Country
Hold my Head
Last Song about Satan
Goddamn Blue Yodel #7
Jesus Christ
He, Roger Williams
Children of the Lord
Red Pirate of the Prairie
This Land is our Land Redux

More picture of that show are here!


CALVIN RUSSELL – Vienna (Rockhaus)

Unfortunately this was the only chance for me to see Calvin Russell live on stage. It took place in Vienna at the Rockhaus where this self titled outlaw from Austin, Texas, introduced us to his latest album called „Dream of the Dog„. I was very disappointed that there was no merchandising at all – so the ticket is the only thing that reminds me on that very special gig. Calvin recorded awesome albums (to get started I advise you the albums „A Man in Full“ and „The Story of – This is my Life„) and it’s really a pity that this man was not that well known. He passed away much too early at the age of 64 on the 3rd April 2011. Another great „Soldier“ has gone …

Calvin Russel – Vienna (Rockhaus)(24.04.1995) Ticket © Alex Melomane


SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB – Winterthur (Kraftfeld)

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Winterthur (Kraftfeld)(24.04.2009) FlyerSo after the amazing show in St. Gallen at the Grabenhalle we headed to our next Slim Cessna’s Auto Club night in Winterthur at the location called Kraftfeld. There we met Millie from France – she also did a long trip to see this awesome band from Denver, Colorado.

Before the show I met Slim and it was obvious that he was not healthy – he had a cold and he tried to get fit for the night. I crossed my fingers that he will be okay for the show – and it seems that this helped 😉

When we entered the room we laughed a lot because I have never this kind of stage: The rhythm section was „upstairs“ – on another level. So Shane and Greg had to play over the heads of Slim, Rum, Munly and Dwight! To have an idea of the scenery just take a look on the pictures below 😉

As you can see this location is really tiny but it was very well crowded when the Auto Club started their show. Although it was exactly the same setlist, the show was breathtaking again and so I after the intro of „Pine Box“ I was completely into the music again – until the last tone of „This is our Land Redux„. Also the people there went nuts and so it was an unforgettable night for everyone, I do guess 😉

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Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Winterthur (Kraftfeld)(24.04.2009) Flyer

The Setlist:
Pine Box
32 Mouths gone dry
Jesus is in my Body: My Body has let me down
Mark of Vaccination
That fierce Cow is common sense in a Country Dress
Magalina Hagalina Boom Boom
This is how we do Things in the Country
Hold my Head
Last Song about Satan
Goddamn Blue Yodel #7
Jesus Christ
He, Roger Williams
Children of the Lord
Red Pirate of the Prairie
This Land is our Land Redux

While Shane Trost was signing the photo book, which I bought the night before in St. Gallen, he admitted that he has no head of heights at all! So I can imagine that this gig will be in his mind forever! After that I saw Munly talking with a girl – and I was quite sure that this wonderful lady is Rebecca Vera! She is also a musician and played with Munly’s band called „The Lee Lewis Harlots“ and so I took the opportunity to give her some covers to sign and while writing her name on the covers of „Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots„, „Jimmy Carter Syndrome“ and „Cipher„. She told me that she will be also at the show in Innsbruck the next day and maybe in Vienna too.

Before we left the club we said goodbye to the band and Rebecca and I wished Slim (who did an amazing performance again!) a speedy recovery.


BJORN BERGE – Stainach (CCW)

Bjorn Berge – Stainach (CCW)(25.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane

Bjorn Berge – Stainach (CCW)(25.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane

The Setlist:
In the Hall of the Mountain King (Edvard Grieg Cover)
Once again
Honey White
Meanest Blues in Town
Whipping Boy
Give it away (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover)
Woodstock (Joni Mitchell Cover)
13 Question Method
One Meat Ball
Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover)


SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB – Innsbruck (Treibhaus – Big Hall)

Third show in a row – this time back to Austria in Innsbruck at the Treibhaus. Before the show we checked our tickets at the bar and I was told that ours were the only reserved ones. So I was worrying about two things: The health of Slim and how many people will show up at the show. Another strange thing was that the Auto Club should play the big hall in the basement which had the size for appr. 500 people! So we knew that this was not really a good idea at all …

While visiting the hall, Munly came along and we talked a little bit about the show yesterday in Winterthur and how the recovery of Slim is going on. He told us that everything is fine with him and then he left us for doing the soundcheck. When the doors opened we were told that a local band will do the support. While waiting for the show we drank some beers as suddenly a crown cap hit me from the balcony. Greg, the drummer, threw it at me and said „Hello guys“ with a big smiling.

As the support band began more people came along – it seems that these guys were just friends of them so it was a friendly turn for watching them, I do guess, because this young group was really nothing special at all. And during the show they changed their band name! So can it get more ridiculous and annoying? Unfortunately all the friends wanted encores – so our inpatiently waiting was continued …

Finally this local band (sorry, but I really can’t remember the name but I do guess that the older label is stating on the official poster) left the stage and we cheered loudly 😉 While things were prepared for Slim Cessna’s Auto Club Rebecca joined us for watching the show.

Well, it was really hard to see that apart from us three nobody knows this group from Denver, Colorado. So the audience was picked with three Auto Club fans and the rest was just the friends of that support act … While shaking my head about this bizarre scenery the band started their set with full force again! It was apparently that Slim, Munly, Rum, Greg, Dwight and Shane didn’t care how many people are watching – they played breathtaking again and their show was excellent as always: Munly climbed from the stage again and the young people didn’t trust their eyes seeing this guy lying on the floor while clapping his hands and singing!

They did the same setlist again but the performance blew me away again! It was so weird seeing one of the best live bands playing in front of a handful people in such a big hall! But nevertheless gave Slim Cessna’s Auto Club 100 % again – as always!

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The Setlist:
Pine Box
32 Mouths gone dry
Jesus is in my Body: My Body has let me down
Mark of Vaccination
That fierce Cow is common sense in a Country Dress
Magalina Hagalina Boom Boom
This is how we do Things in the Country
Hold my Head
Last Song about Satan
Goddamn Blue Yodel #7
Jesus Christ
He, Roger Williams
Children of the Lord
Red Pirate of the Prairie
This Land is our Land Redux


SLIM CESSNA’S AUTO CLUB – Vienna (Arena – Small Hall)

Back in my friend’s hometown Vienna the last and fourth Slim Cessna’s Auto Club show of our personal mini tour followed at the Arena. This time the right place was booked – the small hall which was perfect for the band and it was the best attended show of the four concerts. Over 100 people went nuts during another breathtaking performance.

At the Arena area we were sitting outside drinking some beers and this time we met some other fans! While chatting with them the Slim walked by and greeted everybody. After some talking he had to left for the soundcheck.

While the support band opened luckily on time it was good to see that more and more people showed up. And when the Auto Club started with „Pine Box“ again the small hall was well attended with an enthusiastic crowd. I was standing in front of Rum while singing, shaking, rocking, sweating and cheering through the whole performance. After the last song „This Land is our Land Redux“ I was happy and also very sad, because it was my last show of this tour. Outside at the bar I met the band again for some signing and talking. And as I was full of sweat I had to buy me another shirt with this wonderful „Cipher“ picture, which was created by Heather Reynolds – you can watch some of her wonderful works here!

While the bar was going to close Slim sang some notes from „Sound of Music“ (this movie is VERY popular in the USA!) for me – can you imagine that? This made me really speechless 😉

After a warm and hearty goodbye to the whole band we left the Arena and headed to my friends place for the night. So this was the end of our personal mini tour with the fabulous Slim Cessna’s Auto Club which took us from Switzerland (St. Gallen and Winterthur) back to Austria (Innsbruck and finally Vienna). At that time I was thinking that I might see this band again in one or two years again – but fortunately I was wrong and it didn’t take that long 😉

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The Setlist:
Pine Box
32 Mouths gone dry
Jesus is in my Body: My Body has let me down
Mark of Vaccination
That fierce Cow is common sense in a Country Dress
Magalina Hagalina Boom Boom
This is how we do Things in the Country
Hold my Head
Last Song about Satan
Goddamn Blue Yodel #7
Jesus Christ
He, Roger Williams
Children of the Lord
Red Pirate of the Prairie
This Land is our Land Redux

Support by The Sado Maso Guitar Club – believe me, the only interesting thing of this Austrian band is only the name 😉


DISTANCE, LIGHT & SKY – Ebensee (Kino)



Thorbjorn Risager – Salzburg (Rockhouse - Bar)(28.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane

Thorbjorn Risager – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)(28.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane



Bjorn Berge – Stainach (CCW)(25.04.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane

DONAUFESTIVAL (Goldene Zitronen feat. Irma Hermann, Kenneth Anger, Melvins) – Krems (Various Locations)

First of all: I’m not really a fan of the mentioned artists. As Cat Power was announced for this festival in Krems I bought myself immediately a ticket. But unfortunately she cancelled her show and so I saw these bands for the first time live in concert.

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Donaufestival – Krems (30.04.2008) Review Standard © Alex Melomane


IAN ANDERSON – Vienna (Konzerthaus)

Ian Anderson Band with The Blue Danube Chamber Orchestra and The Sturcz Quartet. Guest soloist: Lucia Micarelli.

This is my classical Jethro Tull/Ian Anderson experience which took place at the wonderful Konzerthaus in Vienna. The singer, flutist and guitarist was backed by The Blue Danube Chamber Orchestra, The Sturcz Quartet and Lucia Micarelli on violin.

With „Eurology“ (from the solo album „Rupi’s Dance„) Ian Anderson picked a perfect opener for the concert. And beside some Tull classics they performed the new track („Moz’Art Medley“ – a tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), brilliant covers („The Godfather’s Theme“ and „Kashmir“ from Led Zeppelin) and rarities like „Wond’ring aloud„. A wonderful performance with a beautiful sound! And thanks to guitarist Florian Opahle who gave me his guitar pick after leaving the stage 😉

Ian Anderson - Vienna (Konzerthaus)(30.04.2006) Ticket © Alex Melomane

The Setlist:
Living in the Past
Griminelli’s Lament
Wond’ring aloud
Godfather Theme
Life is a long Song
Moz‘ Art Medley
Cheap Day Return
Mother Goose
She is like the Swallow
Thick as a Brick
God rest ye merry Gentlemen
My God
Locomotive Breath


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