Music Diary – 6th October

Welcome back to my Music Diary – today for the 6th October!

William Pierce Butler (Arcade Fire)

William Pierce Butler (Arcade Fire)

Happy birthday to William Pierce Butler, who was born on the 6th October 1982 in northern California! Butler is a member of the band Arcade Fire (his brother Win Butler was the founder and is the frontman) and he is a real multi-instrumentalist.

William Butler plays a huge range of different instruments – so here we go:
Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Sitar, Panpipes, Trombone, Omnichord, Glockenspiel, Musical Saw, Double Bass, Concertina, Clarinet and Gadulka!

As a composer William Pierce Butler received his first Academy Award nomination (86th Academy Awards) in January 2014 for his work on the original score (with Owen Pallett) of the film „Her“ (directed and produced by by Spike Jonze).

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Music Diary – 22nd June

Welcome again to another entry in my personal music diary!

Today, on the 22nd June 2011, Arcade Fire blew me away with a fantastic performance which took place in Wiesen at the Festivalgelände (kind of open air thing with a huge tent).

Most of the songs were taken from the current release at that time, called „The Suburbs„.To get an impression of that breathtaking concert (incl. pictures, videos, the exact setlist and reviews) follow the link listed below and scroll down for 22/06/2011:

Cheers and don’t forget:
Life is far too short to hear boring music 😉

Alex Melomane