Music Diary – 15th October

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 15th October!

Lisa Simpson, Paul and Linda McCartney

Lisa Simpson, Paul and Linda McCartney

On the 15th October 1995 the fifth episode (7th season) of „The Simpsons“ was aired on the Fox Network in the USA. In this episode called „Lisa the Vegetarian“ are Paul McCartney and his wife Linda the guest stars. And Paul’s song „Maybe I’m Amazed“ is featured during the closing credits. About this song Paul and Linda are saying to Lisa: „Linda and I both feel strongly about animal rights. In fact, if you play ‚Maybe I’m amazed‘ backwards, you’ll hear a recipe for a really ripping lentil soup.“

You can check this innuendo here:

„Lisa the Vegetarian“ was watched by over 14 million viewers and it marked the fourth highest-rated show on Fox Network that week (9th – 15h October 1995).

You can watch the full episode here!

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Music Diary – 18th June

Hey Musicaddicts all around the world!

Today, on the 18th June, I am remembering two breathtaking performances:

Back in the year 2000 I attended one of the best shows I’ve ever seen: Pearl Jam played an outstanding open air gig in Salzburg at the wonderful Residenzplatz. And when the sun set down the full moon came up and brightened up the old city in a perfect light. Luckily this concert was recorded and released as a 2-CD-Set.

Ten years later me and my friend headbanged in Paris at the Stade de France with AC/DC. Before Angus & Co. gave us an overdose of Rock’n’Roll, Mr. Saul Hudson (better known as Slash), kicked our ass!

Pictures, videos, setlist etc. about the mentioned shows you can find here (just scroll down to the date of 18/06):

By the way:
Mr. Dizzy Reed, who plays still with Guns n‘ Roses, has his birthday today – happy bday!!! Also all the best to Paul McCartney, who turned 71 today 😉


Alex Melomane