Music Diary – 6th May

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 6th May!

satisfactinprofOn the 6th May 1965, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger worked on the legendary opening riff of „Satisfaction„. Keith recorded the very rough version of the legendary riff in a hotel room in Clearwater (Florida) before he fell asleep.

Keith Richards remembers, that the recording consisted of approximately two minutes of acoustic guitar before „hearing me drop the pick and starting snoring for the next forty minutes“.

The song was first recorded on 10th May 1965 at the Chess Studios in Chicago (feat. Brian Jones on harmonica). The Rolling Stones re-recorded the tune two days later at RCA Studios in Hollywood, with a slightly different beat and adding the „Gibson Maestro Fuzzbox“ to create a very special sound of the guitar riff. „(I can’t get no) Satisfaction“ was released on the 6th June 1965 in the USA following the 20th August 1965 for the UK. The track became one of the all-time greates rock songs ever recorded.


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