Music Diary – 26th December

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 26th December!


On the 26th December 1981, the AC/DC album „For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)“ reached the top position on the US chart. The LP stayed there for two more weeks. After the sucessful comeback with „Back in Black“ (1980), featuring the new frontman Brian Johnson, who replaced the deceased Bon Scott, this release marks the fist No. 1 album in the AC/DC history.

The ten new songs were recorded in Paris from May until September 1981 and it was the third and final produced AC/DC album by Robert John „Mutt“ Lange, who also worked on the milestones „Highway to Hell“ (1979) and „Back in Black“ (1980). Early spanish vinyl releases of „For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)“ have a slightly different cover art wortk: On these editions, the colours are reveresed (gold canon on black background).

ftatr_with_colors_reversed„For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)“ is the eight studio album by the band and it was sold over 4 million times in the USA. Singles outtake were the title track and „Let’s get it up„. These both releases feature several live tracks from 1981 on the flip sides.

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Music Diary – 19th October

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 19th October!

Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

On the 19th October 1980, AC/DC kicked off the UK tour in Bristol (Colston Hall). After touring the US from July until October with the comeback album „Back in Black„, this marked also a very special moment for new singer Brian Johnson: It was the return of AC/DC to Great Britain exactly eight months since the death of Bon Scott, who passed away on the 19th February 1980. The tour ended with six shows in London (Hammersmith Odeon and Victoria Apollo Theatre) from 10th until 16th November 1980.

The setlis featured beside classics like „Let there be Rock„, „Whole lotta Rosie“ or „Highway to Hell“ the new songs „Hells Bells„, „What do you do for Money, Honey“, „You shook me all Night long„, „Shoot to Thrill“ and „Back in Black„.

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Music Diary – 5th October

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 5th October!

Brian Johnson (born on 5th October 1947)

Brian Johnson (born on 5th October 1947)

On the 5th October 1947 Mr. Brian Johnson was born in Dunston, Newcastle, UK. He became one of the most famous Rock singers after joining AC/DC in 1980. Before he replaced Bon Scott, who died on 19th February 1980, he was the singer for the British Glam Rock band Geordie.

Johnson started his singer career in his teenager years with a group called „Gobi Desert Canoe Club“. He also was a member of another band named „Fresh“. In the year 1970 the singer was part of the Cabaret/Club Team „The Japser Hart Band“, where he performed musical songs like tracks from „Hair„. In February 1972 he founded with Vic Malcolm (Guitar), Tom Hill (Bass) and Brian Gibson (Drums) Geordie. Until 1976 they recorded three albums togehter. In 1978 Brian Johnson decided to leave the band for a solo career. Their last album „No Good Woman“ from that year features Brian on only three unreleased tracks. Then Johnson started to perform as Geordie again (he was the only original member of this „reunion“) and before they were signed to a label, Brian Johnson was invited in March 1980 to do some auditions as the new vocalis for AC/DC – the rest is Rock history.

With the album „Back in Black“ (released 25th July 1980) Johnson recorded one of the most successful LPs ever. The megaseller features ten songs – and almost all of them became hits and are still part of the live stetlists.

In 2014 another new AC/DC record will be released: „Rock or Bust“ is the 16th studio album by the Australian band and it will be released in November/December. Sadly to mention that this is the band’s first album in the band’s history, that was recorded without founding member Malcolm Young. The rhythm guitarist suffers dementia and has officially left the band and is replaced by his nephew Stevie Young. This replacement happened already: During the 1988 U.S. tour Stevie filled in for Malcolm on rhythm guitar, while his unlce left for a rehab.

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