Music Diary – 14th April

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 14th April!

The Rolling Stones (1963)On the 14th April 1963, The Rolling Stones played at the legendary Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, Surrey (UK). And among the visitors, the four Beatles were also in the audience.

Keith Richards remembers:
Brian wanted to be a pop star the minute he saw the Beatles. He got left behind in the crush and someone asked him for his autograph. Success went to Brian’s head immediately. And the more successful we became, the more he thought it interfered with his compatibility with the band, the more he thought he was involved in a competition with me and Mick.“

Mick Jagger continues:
„Keith liked the Beatles because he was quite interested in their chord sequences. He also liked their harmonies, which were always a slight problem to the Rolling Stones. Keith always tried to get the harmonies off the ground but they always seemed messy. What we never really got together were Keith and Brian singing backup vocals. It didn’t work, because Keith was a better singer and had to keep going, oooh, ooh ooh (laughs). Brian liked all those oohs, which Keith had to put up with. Keith was always capable of much stronger vocals than ooh ooh ooh.“

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