Music Diary – 13th February

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 13th February!


On the 13th February 1970 – and yes, it was a Friday – the legendaty self-titled debut album by Black Sabbath was released in the UK. The LP reached No. 8 on the British chart and this recording is considered as one of the first Heavy Metal performances ever. „Black Sabbath“ hit the US market a few months later – on the 1st June 1970.

All seven songs were recorded on the 16th October 1969 at the Regent Sound Studios in London and produced by Rodger Bain. The only single outtake was „Evil Woman“ (a cover version of a Crow song) with „Wicked World“ on the b-side, which was released already one month before, on the 9th January 1970. Other classic songs from the Black Sabbath debut album are „Black Sabbath„, „The Wizard“ and „N.I.B.

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