Music Diary – 10th February

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 10th February!

cliffburtonprofHappy birthday to Mr. Clifford „Cliff“ Lee Burton, who was born on the 10th February 1962 in Castro Valley, California (USA)!

As a boy, little Clifford was introduced to classical music by his father and he started to take piano lessons. At the age of 13, Cliff began playing the bass like a maniac – six hours at least per day!

As a student, he founded his first band EZ-Street, featuring also guitarist „Big“ Jim Martin and drummer Mike Bordin (these two guys became members of the legendary crossover formation Faith No More). With Martin, Cliff Burton formed later the group Agents of Misfortune. In 1982, another chapter has began for the bassman: He joined his first major act called Trauma. Performing at the Whisky a Go Go, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich from Metallica, which had formed the band the previous year, attended the show. After the concert they ask Cliff to join the band as the new bass player – and Burton agreed. He recorded only the three Metallica albums “Kill ‘Em All” (1983), “Ride the Lightning” (1984) and “Master of Puppets“(1986).

On the 27th September 1986, Cliff Burton was killed in a tragic accident. The tour bus crashed due to black ice during the Scandinavia tour between Stockholm and Copenhagen. Burton was thrown through the window and the bus fell on him. The musician died at the age of only 24 years.

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