Music Diary – 7th January

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 7th January!


On the 7th January 1971, the second studio album by Black Sabbath was released in the USA. „Paranoid“ became a milestone in Heavy Metal history and it features classics like the title track (which reached number 4 on the UK chart), „Iron Man“ and „War Pigs„.

All eight tracks were recorded (produced by Rodger Bain) from the 16th until the 21st June 1970 at the Regent Studios and Island Studios in London.

The North American edition of this LP have a slightly different track list: The songs „War Pigs“ is entitled as „War Pigs/Luke’s Wall“ and „Fairies Wear Boots“ as „Jack the Striper/Fairies Wear Boots“.

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