Music Diary – 20th December

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 20th December!

Bobby Darin (14th May 1936 – 20th December 1973)

Bobby Darin (14th May 1936 – 20th December 1973)

On the 20th December 1973, the American singer and actor Bobby Darin died at the age of only 37 years, following a heart operation in Los Angeles. His real name was Walden Robert Cassotto. Darin first hit was „Splish Splash“ in 1958 followed by the No. 1 song „Dream Lover“ one year later.  And with „Beyond the Sea„, Bobby recorded another chartbreaker in 1959.

In the sixties he became more politically active and supported Robert Kennedy’s Democratic presidential campaign. In 1968 he discovered that his grandparents brought him up and not – as he always thought – his real parents. Added to this came the fact, that the girl, he thought that she’s his sister, was actually his mother. These very difficult and strange familiar events affected Bobby Darin and so he vanished from the scene for a year.

Although his comeback was successful, his health began to fail more and more. In 1971 Darin underwent his first heart surgery because of a heart damage since childhood. And after one year of recovering another heart operation happened on the 20th December 1973 in Los Angeles, which he didn’t survive.

Kevin Spacey directed  the biopic „Beyond the Sea“ (2004) – he also took over the central character in the movie.

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