Music Diary – 13th December

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 13th December!

Nicholas John "Nick" McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand)

Nicholas John „Nick“ McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand)

Happy birthday to Nicholas John „Nick“ McCarthy, who was born on the 13th December 1974 in Blackpool, UK! Nick is the guitarist, keyboardist and also vocalist in the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. And beside his main work he is also a member of the band Box Codax.

McCarthy grew up in the Bavarian area (Germany) and received a classically education in piano and bass at the Munich Conservatory. At this time he was playing in the bands called „Kamerakino“ and Embryo. After extensively touring with Embryo, Nick decided in 2001 to take a new step in life and moved back to the UK and started living in Glasgow, Scotland. There he played in a jazz group called „Scatter“ and crossed the paths of Alex Kapranos. With him as the lead singer and guitarist, Bob Hardy (bass) and Paul Thomson (drums) Franz Ferdinand was founded. The group was signed in 2003 to Domino Records and after the first EP „Darts of Pleasure“, the self titled album (feat. the hit „Take me out„) was released one year later and charted world wide.

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