Music Diary – 5th December

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 5th December! Little Richard

Happy birthday to Rock’n’Roll legend Little Richard, who was born under his real name Richard Wayne Penniman on the 5th December 1932 in Macon, Georgia (USA). The American musician, singer and piano player recorded many hits and classics of the Rock’n’Roll era like „Lucille“ (1957), „Long Tall Sally“ (1956) and“Tutti Frutti“ (1955), which was included in the Library of Congress‘ National Recording Registry in 2010, claiming the „unique vocalizing over the irresistible beat announced a new era in music.“

From 1951 until 1954 Little Richard recorded six singles, which didn’t succeed. In October 1955 the singer has his big breakthrough with „Tutti Frutti“, which reached No. 2 in the R&B chart in the USA. In March 1956 he had his first No. 1 with „Long Tall Sally“ (also on the R&B chart). With „Rip it up“ (1956) and „Lucille“ (1957) he had two more number one hits in his country. Also his debut album „Here’s Little Richards“ (1957) charted. Becoming a millionaire, Little Richard bought himsalef a mansion and moved to Los Angeles. In October 1957 he changed his mind completely and announced his decision to follow a life in the ministry. He explained his decision later that during a flight he had seen the plane’s red hot engines and felt angels were holding it up. And during a concert in Australia he saw a bright red fireball flying across the sky above him – for him it was sign from God to stop his wild Rock’n’Roll lifestyle and to start performing secular music and enter the ministry. He kept on recording Gospel songs over the years and concentrated on his life as a preacher.

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