Music Diary – 6th November

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 6th November!


AEROSMITH (ca. 1970)

On the 6th November 1970, the American Hardrock band Aerosmith performed their very first gig ever: The historic show took place at the Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Massachusetts. In the same year the group was founded by guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, vocalist/harmonica player Steven Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer and second guitarist Ray Tabano. One year later Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford and in 1972 Aerosmith was signed to Columbia Records. On the 5th January 1973 the self-titled debut album (feat. the classic song „Dream On„) was released.

Over the years Aerosmith became on of the best-selling rock bands – over 150 million LPs has been sold so far worldwide.

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