Music Diary – 9th October

Welcome to my Music Diary – today for the 9th October!

John Entwistle (9th October 1944 - 27th June 2002)

On the 9th October 1944 Mr. John Alec Entwistle was born in in Chiswick, London. Nicknamed as „The Ox“ or „Thunderfingers“ the British bassist created with his rhythm mate Keith Moon on drums the unique and powerful sound for the legendary rockband The Who.

At the age of seven, John Entwistle started piano lessons, aged 11 he switched to the trumpet and French horn. Then he first met Pete Townshend and the two teenagers formed the Jazz band The Confederates. After only one gig this group was history and John decided to play the guitar and shortly after he switched again the instruement and learned to play the bass guitar. Then he crossed paths with Roger Daltrey in 1961, who asked him to join his band The Detours.

On Entwistle’s decision, Pete Townshend joined the line up with Doug Sandom on drums, who was replaced very soon by Keith Moon. The band name changed a lot – so they played some shows as The Who, renamed into The High Numbers in 1964, and finally decided to work as The Who again.

In 1965 the first Who single „I can’t explain“ was released, followed by „Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere“ and the big hit „My Generation„, which reached the second position in the UK charts. In December 1965 the album debut „My Generation“ hit the stores and remarked the beginning of the successful history of The Who.

John Entwistle also recorded some solo albums. From 1971 („Smash Your Head Against The Wall„) until 1997 („Music from Van-Pires„) seven LPs were relesed.

On 27th June 2002, one day before the scheduled first show ot The Who’s US tour, John Entwistle died in Las Vegas at the age of 58 years at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in room 658. It was determined that Entwistle’s death was due to a heart attack induced by cocaine. As Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey said via the internet: „The Ox has left the building – we’ve lost another great friend. Thanks for your support and love. Pete and Roger.“

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