Music Diary – 8th October

Welcomt to my Music Diary – today for the 8th October!

John William Cummings aka Johnny Ramone

Johnny Ramone (8th October 1948 – 15th September 2004)

On the 8th October 1948, Mr. John William Cummings aka Johnny Ramone was born in Long Island, New York. He was the guitarist and a founding member of the legendary Punk-Rockband Ramones.

In the early seventies he met bassist Douglas Colvin, who became later Dee Dee Ramone and Jeffry Hyman aka Joey Ramone. Drummer Tommy Erdelyi aka Tommy Ramone completed the line up of the Ramones. The band was officialy founded in 1974. On the 30th March of the same year the very first gig happened at the Manhattan’s Performance Studios. Until the band break up in 1996, the Ramones performed 2,263 concerts during  a more or less nonstop touring over 22 years all over the world.

The self titled debut was released on the 23rd Arpil 1976 and it features Punkrock classics like „Blitzkrieg Bop„, „Beat on the Brat“ or „Now I wanna sniff some glue„. One year later the follower „Leave Home“ hit the stores and with „Rocket to Russia“ (1977) featuring the punk classic „Sheena is a Punk Rocker“ the Ramones released their best selling album in their career. Until 1995 eleven more studio albums were recorded before the band called it a day one year later.

Johnny Ramone died of prostate cancer on 15th September 2004 at the age of 56 years. Two of his former bandmates died before Johnny: Joey Ramone in 2001 and Dee Dee Ramone in 2002. And in 2014 Tommy Ramone the last of the original band members died.

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