Music Diary – 9th August

Hey People!

Welcome back to my personal Music Diary – today for the 9th August!

Back in 2013 I attended another show of Wovenhand at the Kino in Ebensee. The support act was the breathtaking lady Christine Owman from Sweden and she did an amazing job! With Erika Rosén she created a magic sound at the packed and hot Kino. The duo introduced us to the fantastic release called „Little Beast„.

Wovenhand (feat. David Eugene Edwards, Ordy Garrison and Chuck Edward French) was as expected to be: LOUD & HEAVY!

Most songs were taken from the albums „The Laughing Stalk“ and some snippets of the upcoming longplayer called „Refractorfy Obduarate“ were also played.

Christine Owman and Wovenhand- Ebensee (Kino)(09.08.2013) © Alex Melomane

Christine Owman and Wovenhand- Ebensee (Kino)(09.08.2013) © Alex Melomane

Pictures and the setlists of the show you can see here:


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