Music Diary – 11th July

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Today’s music diary entry features Woven Hand again: On the 11th July 2006 me and my friend took the train to Budapest to see David Eugene Edwards, Pascal Humbert, Peter van Laerhoven and Ordy Garrison performing on a boat called A38! Comparing the gig to the Vienna one that took place just a day before, this show was much better! More intense, energy and the new line up with Pascal on bass obviously worked superiorily.


More pictures, a review and the setlist which featured two more songs (the 16 Horsepower classics „Black Soul Choir“ and „Outlaw Song„) you can find here (just scroll down to the mentioned dat 11/07):

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Music Diary – 10th July

Another page in my music diary – and another Woven Hand concert:

On the 10th July 2006 David Eugene Edwards, Peter van Laerhoven, Pascal Humbert and Ordy Garrison performed in Vienna at the Szene and introduced us to the latest release „Mosaic„. And it was the first time that I saw the former 16 Horsepower bass man live again! My expectations were very high because the last three shows I attended in 2005 (Salzburg, Vienna and Bonn) were breathtaking and still fresh in my memory. This time the show was not that intense and I do think that it was because of the new line up. So I was quite sure that they will get along on stage better and better with the time – and this is what happened 😉


Pictures (by Kurt Rohrauer – thanks Kurt!), a review and the setlist you find here (scroll down to 10/07):

Other shows that day were also:
Lambchop in Ebensee (2009) and Dirtmusic with Tamikrest (Kino Ebensee) back in 2010! Pictures, reviews and setlists of these shows can also be found here!

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Music Diary – 9th July

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Today, on the 9th July 2010, it was the first time that I cross the Austrian border to Slovakia. One day after an awesome Woven Hand show in Vienna we headed to the Pohoda Festival in Trencin. Holy cow – the weather was unbelievable hot and the band was scheduled for 2 p.m.! Very ridiculous – but anyway: Woven Hand performed very tight, heavy, loud and intense.


Setlist, review and picutures you can see here (please scroll down to the mentioned date – 09/07):

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Music Diary – 8th July

Another day – no, not in paradise – in my music diary 😉

On the 8th July 2010 another Woven Hand show was on my concert schedule. A very hot and intense performance which featured many songs from the latest release „The Threshingfloor“ blew me away. And before the show David Eugene Edwards did a very special performances solo acoustic outside the venue! Videos of that rare open air gig, pictures and reviews are waiting for you here:



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Music Diary – 7th July

Welcome again to my music diary!

On the 7th July 2010 I received the deluxe edition of Madrugada’s masterpiece „Industrial Silence“ which was originally released back in 1999. The new edition includes all the B-Sides, bonus tracks and demo versions which were only available on very rare and hard to find singles (and mostly only available in Norway). Masterpieces like „The Riverbed“, „Highway 2.000.000“ or the Gun Club cover „Mother of Earth“ are my persnal highlights on the second bonus disc of this deluxe edition. And if you are not familiar with this outstanding band from Norway (which unfortunately called it a day back in 2008) this is the best opportunity to become an addict of this wonderful music 😉

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Music Diary – 6th July

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On the 6th July 2000 I received a CD-Single for writing a review. It was „Safe in New York City“ by AC/DC taken from the awesome release „Stiff Upper Lip“. Beside the title track it also features a live version of „Back in Black“ and the unreleased song „Cyberspace“ which I heard with full volume over and over again while I was writing my review. And I will never forget the face of my boss that time who wanted to speak with me but I didn’t hear him while headbanging at my office place 😉

BildAnd as you maybe already know I have seen the band a year later in Munich (14th June 2001) at the Olympiastadium for the very first time.

Talking about concerts:
On the same day as the „Safe in New York City“ single hit my desktop I attended a wonderful performance at the Tollwood festival in Munich: Jan Garbarek filled the huge tent there with his magic playing.

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Music Diary – 5th July

Welcome back to another concert entry in my music diary!

On the 5th July 2009 I had the pleasure to see Bruce Springsteen performing with his E Street Band in Vienna at the Ernst-Happel-Stadium.

It was my first live experience with The Boss and all I can say is: It was one of the most impressive performances I have ever seen. And I can confirm it – Bruce Springsteen is one of the best live acts all around the world!

Go here
and scroll down to 05/07 to see the whole show on video!

Pictures and a short review is also waiting for you there 😉

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Music Diary – 4th July

Welcome back to my personal music diary!

Today it’s a sort of „Legends Day“, because these two musicians are quite the best when you talk about Punk and Blues.
On the 4th July in 2010 I had my first Jello Biafra live experience. The former frontman of The Dead Kennedys and the runner of the legendary label „Alternative Tentacles“ rocked with his new band The Guantanamo School Of Medicine at the Arena in Vienna with full force.

And back in 1991 or 1992 – unfortunately I can’t remember the exact year – I had the wonderful opportunity to see one of the greatest Blues man live in concert: Mr. John Lee Hooker! If you know the exact date – please drop me a line – thanks!


Pictures, reviews and videos of the mentioned shows you can watch here (please scroll down to 04/07):


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Music Diary – 3rd July

Welcome again to another entry in my music diary!

Today, on the 3rd July 2012, Wovenhand performed louder and harder as ever. David Eugene Edwards has also changed the line up when he introduced us his brandnew songs from the upcoming release „The Laughing Stalk“ in Vienna that night. The performance was like the weather outside – a thunderstorm!

See videos, pictures, reviews and the setlist of this breathtaking performance here (scroll down to 03/07):


Alex Melomane


Music Diary – 2nd July

Welcome again to my personal music diary!

And it’s again a special Jethro Tull day, because on the 2nd July I attended three shows:

The first one took place in Salzburg at the Eishalle in the year 1991! It was planned that Tull play an open air gig at the Kapitelplatz behind the wonderful dome, but unfortunately they changed the place and we had to walk into the Eishalle (an ice hockey hall). Before the show I met Ian Anderson for some pictures and after that the band performed in a perfect way with some nice surprises like an extended version of „Fat Man“!


Two years later I attended a Tull show in Wels, just two days after I saw them in Vienna during their „25th Anniversary“ world tour and in 2010 another remarkable show followed: It was the last time that I saw my long time heroes live on stage and it was also the last time seeing the band performing with guitarist Martin Barre, who left the band after four decades (!) one year later! And this is for me another big reason, why I avoid to attend another Jethro Tull show again. Cheerio, Ian Anderson 😉

All details of the mentioned shows (reviews, pictures, setlists and videos) you can find here:

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