Music Diary – 10th July

Another page in my music diary – and another Woven Hand concert:

On the 10th July 2006 David Eugene Edwards, Peter van Laerhoven, Pascal Humbert and Ordy Garrison performed in Vienna at the Szene and introduced us to the latest release „Mosaic„. And it was the first time that I saw the former 16 Horsepower bass man live again! My expectations were very high because the last three shows I attended in 2005 (Salzburg, Vienna and Bonn) were breathtaking and still fresh in my memory. This time the show was not that intense and I do think that it was because of the new line up. So I was quite sure that they will get along on stage better and better with the time – and this is what happened 😉


Pictures (by Kurt Rohrauer – thanks Kurt!), a review and the setlist you find here (scroll down to 10/07):

Other shows that day were also:
Lambchop in Ebensee (2009) and Dirtmusic with Tamikrest (Kino Ebensee) back in 2010! Pictures, reviews and setlists of these shows can also be found here!

Alex Melomane


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