Music Diary – 6th July

Welcome back my friends, to the music diary that never ends!

On the 6th July 2000 I received a CD-Single for writing a review. It was „Safe in New York City“ by AC/DC taken from the awesome release „Stiff Upper Lip“. Beside the title track it also features a live version of „Back in Black“ and the unreleased song „Cyberspace“ which I heard with full volume over and over again while I was writing my review. And I will never forget the face of my boss that time who wanted to speak with me but I didn’t hear him while headbanging at my office place 😉

BildAnd as you maybe already know I have seen the band a year later in Munich (14th June 2001) at the Olympiastadium for the very first time.

Talking about concerts:
On the same day as the „Safe in New York City“ single hit my desktop I attended a wonderful performance at the Tollwood festival in Munich: Jan Garbarek filled the huge tent there with his magic playing.

Alex Melomane


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