New Music

Hey there!

This site features ineresting new music I come across – I do hope that you also enjoy these brandnew tunes 😉

THE WIDOW’S BANE – Don’t Be Afraid; It’s Only Death


Another clip from the amazing THE STERLING SISTERS:


MURDER BY DEATH – As You Wish (Cover Versions only!)
Check these amazing cover versions by Murder By Death out!!!!!


Maybe you know the Reverend from the fantastic Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – he was part of the recording band for „The Bloudy Tenent Truth & Peace„. His solo stuff is breathtaking – especially his masterpiece „Our Lady Of The Broken Spine“. Do yourself a favor and listen to his entire solo catalogue here:


Very interesting and young band from the US featuring Georg Cessna (yeah – the son of Slim Cessna!)! Awesome songs and you won’t believe your ears that this band is SO young (20+)!


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