Concerts (February)


The band played most songs of their amazing albums „Land Of No Suprises“ and „Wallow„. More about the show you can read and hear (!) here – a nice article in German can be found here!


Bernard Allison Group – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)


Sir Oliver Mally’s Blues Distillery – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)

Sir Oliver Mally's Blues Distillery - Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)(03.02.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ADAM GREEN – Salzburg (Rockhouse)

Adam Green - Salzburg (Rockhouse)(05.02.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

MOLOTOV – Vienna (Szene)

This is one of those shows that you are attending because you don’t want to stay at home and watch TV. So I decided to see this Mexican crossover band Molotov at the Szene in Vienna and I have to admit that these Gringos blew me away! Very tight and heavy performance by excellent musicians who changed their instruments nearly song after song! Most of the tunes were from their debut „¿Dónde Jugarán las Niñas?“ which features the hit single „Gimme tha Power„. But they also did an amazing cover version of the Queen classic „Bohemian Rhapsody„.



3 Feet Smaller/Killerpilze/7 Dials Mystery - Salzburg (Rockhouse) (08.02.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane


STEVE WYNN (Solo) – Innsbruck (Die Bäckerei)

You can book Steve Wynn for a so called homeconcert in your living room as he told me in an interview a few years ago.

So this concert was like that – just him with an acoustic guitar he played at the tiny location called „Die Bäckerei“ in Innsbruck. The room was like a living room and in this very familiar atmosphere he played also some songs which were demanded by the crowd. So thanks a bunch for playing „There will come a Day„, by the way 😉

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The REAL Setlist:
Medicine Show
Days of Wine and Roses
Tears won’t help
Top of the Hill
Kerosene Man
Love me anyway
Punching Holes in the Sky
We don’t talk about it
Southern California Line
Lay of the Land
See that my Grave is kept clean
There will come a Day
If my Life was an open book
Manhattan Fault Line

So you are interested how the show was? You would love to hear it ? No problem at all – you can download/stream the recording of this very special show here!



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WOVEN HAND – Ebensee (Kino)

My very first Woven Hand live experience – and many should follow 😉
David Eugene Edwards introduced me and one of my friends that night to his new side project beside 16 Horsepower in a very soft and sweet way. Daniel McMahon (Keyboards), Shane Trost (Bass and Trumpet) and Ordy Garrison (Drums, Percussion) created a wonderful sound at the Kino in Ebensee.

The Setlist:

Phyllis Ann
White Bird
Bleary-eyed Duty
Blue Pail Fever
Out of my Hand
Wooden Brother
My Russia
Glass Eye
Story and Pictures
Last Fist
The Good Hand
Aeolian Harp

During the show (between two songs) a cell phone rang. David said to the guy: „Hey, your mobile phone is ringing.“ Then the crowd laughed out loud while this guy answering the call in typically Austrian accent: „I bin auf an Konzert!“ 😉

Pictures of the show are here!


MONKEY MUSIC NIGHT – Linz (Posthof – Big Hall)
Featuring these Austrian bands:
Ordinary World, When The Music’s Over & Matt Boroff

Nothing special at all – just a concert night (by Monkey Music) at the Posthof in Linz with some Austrian bands … Matt Boroff (the singer is from the US) was the best band of that night – very strong performance!

Monkey Music Night - Linz (Posthof)(16.02.2007) © Alex Melomane


ENNO BUNGER- Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)
Support: Noah

Enno Bunger – Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)(17.02.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

VDELLI – Salzburg (Rockhouse – Bar)
Support: 22 Top

Vdelli – Salzburg (Rockhouse Bar)(17.02.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane

VDELLI – 2 by 2

VDELLI – Blues Sea


WOVEN HAND – Vienna (Szene)

Two days after my first live experience of Woven Hand (Kino Ebensee) David Eugene Edwards did an amazing show again with his new side project beside 16 Horsepower! More people and more songs this time – so „Your Russia“ was the encore.

The Setlist:

Phyllis Ann
White Bird
Bleary-eyed Duty
Blue Pail Fever
Out of my Hand
Wooden Brother
My Russia
Straw Foot
Story and Pictures
Last Fist
The Good Hand
Aeolian Harp
Your Russia

Pictures you can find here!


CALEXICO – Vienna (Radiokulturhaus)

This was a special performance from Calexico – if you wanted a ticket for that show you had to tinker something which is related in some way to the name of the band. Well, I created something cheesy and won a ticket 😉

Joey Burns, John Convertino and the other boys performed mostly brandnew songs from the album „Garden Ruin“ at the Radiokulturhaus.

The Setlist:
Yours and Mine
Sunken Waltz
Not even Stevie Nicks…
Red, Red Rose
Bisbee Blue
Letter to Bowie Knife
The Black Light
All Systems Red

Calexico - Vienna (Radiokulturhaus)(17.02.2006) Ticket © Alex MelomaneCalexico - Vienna (Radiokulturhaus)(17.02.2006) Folder © Alex Melomane


THE TIGER LILLIES – Graz (Orpheum)

This was the first time when I saw The Tiger Lillies live performing at the Orpheum in Graz. This is that sort of band you have to see live at least once. So if you have the chance just do yourself a favor!

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Tiger Lillies - Graz (Orpheum)(19.02.2010) © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

SEPULTURA – Salzburg (Rockhouse)
Support: Legion Of The Damned/Flotsam And Jetsam/Mortillery

Sepultura - Salzburg (Rockhouse)(20.02.2014) Flyer


SONS & DAUGHTERS – Munich (Muffathalle)
Support by the local band called FIVE!FAST!!HITS!!!

This one was a free concert and as I discovered this band from Scotland just a few months before (they recorded a breathtaking debut called „Repulsion Box“ back in 2005). So I wanted to convince myself of the live qualities of the Sons and Daughters. Great performance, but I was a little disappointed about the setlist – no „Iodine“ ….

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After the show I bought myself a shirt and Scott Paterson (Guitarist) and David Gow (Drummer) signed some covers for me – thanks!

Sons And Daughters – Munich (Muffathalle)(23.02.2008) Flyer  © Alex MelomaneSons And Daughters – Munich (Muffathalle)(23.02.2008) Shirt © Alex Melomane



Another example for „before you are sitting at home and watching boring TV shows, you should do yourself a favor and go to a concert“. Nice performing, interesting Goth people and I can remember that the drummer was sitting in a cage during the whole performance at the Szene in Vienna. Anyway – a nice evening but I didn’t become a real fan of this Electro-Wave-Goth band from Germany. I do think that Peter Spilles and his band touring Europe at that time to promote the album „Eon:Eon“ by Project Pitchfork.


THE TIGER LILLIES – Salzburg (Rockhouse)

The Tiger Lillies - Salzburg (Rockhouse)(25.02.2015) Ticket


STEVE WYNN – Vienna (Chelsea) 

Steve Wynn acoustic performance with Eric van Loo (Bass) and Robert Lloyd (Mandolin, Electric Guitar and Keyboard) at the Chelsea in Vienna. Another wonderful performance by Steve. It was fantastic to hear his songs in stripped down versions.

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The REAL Setlist:
Still Holding on to you
Daddy’s Girl
Southern California Line
One by One
Whatever you please
Something to remember me by
Tell me when it’s over
Love me anyway
Punching Holes in the Sky
Manhattan Fault Line
Wild Mercury
Deep End
The Days of Wine and Roses
Amphetamine/Encore Break
There will come a Day
The Medicine Show
Kerosene Man
When you smile
If my Life was an open Book

Steve Wynn - Vienna (Chelsea)(25.02.2008) Flyer & Ticket © Alex MelomaneFrom the Steve Wynn tour diary:
„Nothing but good times in Vienna. You want music stories?
Packed show at the Chelsea club, our first actual punk rock club of the tour.
No problem. Our gypsy renegade folk worked there just fine and
it was one of the best shows yet. I hope someone was taping it.“



Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione as The Dresden Dolls rocked the Flex and introduced us their self titled album. And they also did some awesome cover versions like „War Pigs“ from Black Sabbath!Dresden Dolls - Vienna (Flex)(27.02.2005) Flyer © Alex MelomaneDresden Dolls - Vienna (Flex)(27.02.2005) Ticket © Alex Melomane~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ANNA CALVI – Salzburg (Rockhouse)
Support: Crystal Soda Cream

Anna Calvi – Salzburg (Rockhouse)(28.02.2014) Ticket © Alex Melomane

Setlist included an amazing cover of Bruce Springsteen’s „Fire“!


LAMBCHOP – Linz (Posthof – Small Hall)
Support: Cortney Tidwell

The fifth time that I saw Lambchop live in concert. This time Kurt Wagner and his band introduced us the fantastic and beautiful songs of his latest release „Mr. M“. Very sweet and wonderful performance at the small hall of the Posthof in Linz!

The Setlist:
Give it (X Press 2 Cover)
If not I’ll just die
The good Life (is wasted)
Kind of
Gone Tomorrow
Betty’s Overture
Nice without Mercy
Mr. Met
Never my Love
Sooky in the Pooper
My Blue Wave
Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King Jr.
Guess I’m dumb (Beach Boys Cover)
Bon Soir Bon Soir
Up with People
Give it (X Press 2 Cover)

Support act Cortney Tidwell (she recorded the album „Invariable Heartache“ with Mr. Wagner under the name KORT) sang most of the songs with Kurt Wagner! And yes, they played „Give it“ two times 😉

Lambchop - Linz (Posthof - Small Hall)(28.02.2012) - Ticket (c) Alex Melomane


Latest update: 3rd February 2015





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